Love, hate, betrayal

Liliana's life goes from being OK to falling apart. on her journey of bad events, she manages to experience love, hate and betrayal.


1. 1st chapter

Chapter 1 

Hi I’m Liliana mctestly and I’m 12, I have moved down to lovenshire from Hartforden. I have a big sister (17) called Tilly, a brother (10) Brooklyn and another brother and a sister (both 6 or more months old) George and Cara are twins by the way.

“Dinner lil." mum shouts

I sneak past Cara and George’s room I don’t want to wake them because mum would probably get mad at me and I don’t really like it when mum is mad.

“What’s for dinner mum?" I ask whilst trying to sit down on our rather annoying seats,

“Macaroni cheese love." mum says

“Yes I love that." says Brooklyn in a kind of singing voice.

“Tilly come down for dinner,” mum shouts, 

We normally eat our dinner talking about school or fighting but today were as quiet as mice although were not squeaking. My dad works long hours so he comes in when we have basically finished our dinner but he still gets to eat. I have twin siblings so mum has to work as a full time mum which can’t be fun.

“Thanks mum." we all say together 

“That’s alright you may leave the table but Liliana could you help Brooklyn with his homework please. Also can you tell Tilly if she wants dinner she has to come downstairs to get it." 

“Sure thing.” I say

I hate having to tell Tilly to come downstairs for dinner or telling Tilly anything because she usually ignores me infact she ignores everyone and that’s what I really hate about Tilly she’s either in her room listening to really loud music or out with her boyfriend (well boyfriends more like).

“Tilly if you want dinner..."

“I need to go downstairs to get it yep I heard” says Tilly in a kind of nasty way

“Liliana are you going to help me with my homework?, its due in tomorrow." Brooklyn shouts desperate for me to come down.

“I’m coming Brooklyn, start without me then I will come and help you ok." I shout

I probably shouldn't be shouting because at some point by accident I will probably wake George and Cara.

“So does that mean your not coming downstairs to get your dinner?” I say

“What do you think Liliana? just tell mum I’m not hungry or something and leave me alone give me some privacy.” Tilly says almost shouting.

“What do you need privacy for? oh I know so you can phone your boyfriends.”

Oops did I just put an ‘s’ on boyfriend.

“I meant boyfriend.” I say quickly

“Good now get out before I push you out and slam the door in your face.”

I sort of run then trip but don’t fall out of Tilly’s room when she says that which is stupid because I’m not even scared of her.

“Brooklyn shall I help you with your homework now?” I ask

“Too late already done it.” says Brooklyn cheerfully.

Who helped him I wonder it can’t of been mum she never helps anyone with homework, Maybe he did it his-self.

“Who helped you with your homework?” I ask confused

“No one I did it myself with a bit of help from mum.” Brooklyn explains

That’s so unfair mum never helps me with my homework but she says it’s because I’m old enough to do it myself, but I don’t agree because Brooklyn is old enough to do his own homework but he still gets help.

“Oh ok, hold on can you hear George crying?” I ask

“Yep, should I get mum?” Brooklyn asks

“No it’s alright I’ll go and make sure he’s ok, anyway I think mums on the phone.” I say

I have never actually held the twins before without mum being close or even in the next room but she’s downstairs so it’s different.

“ Shh, its OK don’t cry George you might wake Cara.”

I hope mum doesn't get annoyed that I’m holding George without her permission but we shouldn't need her permission should we.

“Liliana Rebecca is on the phone for you,” mum shouts.

Luckily George had gone to sleep in my arms and he didn't wake Cara so all I have to do is place him in his cot very gently so I don’t wake him, I wander why Rebecca is on the phone. Rebecca is one of my best friends.

“Thanks, George was awake so I held him for a few minutes and he was fine.”

“Thanks darling.” mum says

Mum hands me the phone. 

“Hello.” I say

“Hi lil, how are you?” Rebecca asks

“Fine, how are you?” I ask confused

I wonder how long this conversation will go on for because to be honest I’m not in the mood to be talking on the phone right now.

“Good, but I was wondering if you could help me with something.” Rebecca asks.

“Anything for you babe.” I say jokingly

“He He, well could you come to my house at some point because we need to talk?” Rebecca says

“Can’t we talk at school or even on the phone now?” I ask

“No not really it’s really secret, oh fine I will speak to you at school tomorrow in private.” says Rebecca

“Lil come on its bed time.” mum says

“I have to go see you tomorrow becks.” I say

“Bye bye.” says Rebecca

I wonder what it is that she wanted to tell me that was so secret but I need to get a good nights sleep because I have school tomorrow and I don’t want to fall asleep at school.

“Night everyone.” I say sleepily but half shout half don’t

I hope George and Cara don’t wake up and start screaming although they are really good in the night. I’m a heavy sleeper so it’s OK if they wake up and scream in the night once I have gone to sleep. 

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