Love, hate, betrayal

Liliana's life goes from being OK to falling apart. on her journey of bad events, she manages to experience love, hate and betrayal.


15. 15th chapter

Chapter 15

“The disco starts at 7:30, we can’t go now.” Says Gran confused

“I know but we could at least leave a bit early.” I say

“Its 6:00 now so we can leave at 6:45, ok.” Grandpa suggests

I don’t know why I want to leave early because I doubt Toby will get there early, but he might.

“What would you like for dinner?” asks gran

“Maybe pizza.” I say

“Ok,” Gran says cheerfully

The pizza takes ages to cook so instead of getting to the disco at 6:45 we leave at 6:45 and get there at 7:15.

“Right, what time shall I come and pick you up?” asks gran

“Is 10:00 ok?” I ask

Gran does a little sigh, (I think she thought I wouldn’t hear her) and then makes up her mind.

“That’s awfully late, so could I come and get you at 9:30?” Gran asks

“Yes, that’s fine, see you then.” I say

“Bye, text or phone me if you need me ok.” Gran says

I think of how I’m going to do that, then I remember that I have a mobile phone.

“You’re here.” says Toby half jokily half not

“Yes I’m here, what time did you get here?” I ask curious

“I got here at 6:45, what time did you get here?” Toby says

“I’m not really sure.” I say sort of laughing

We look at each other until we get interrupted by Jamie and other immature boys.

“I didn’t realise you had a girlfriend.” says Jamie sarcastically

“Ha, very funny.” I shout

“Calm down, we were only having a laugh.” one of the boys say

We just ignore them and talk amongst ourselves until we can’t think of anything to say.

“Shall we go into the hall?, we can see what music’s playing.” I ask

“Yes, that’s a good Idea.” Toby says

I walk beside Toby into the hall, when we get in there I find out that my favourite song is playing. It’s called dance with me and it’s by Olly murs.

“I really love this song.” Toby says having to shout because the music’s loud

“Me to,” I say surprised

After that Toby says something but I can’t hear him, I make an action to say that I can’t hear him and I think he understands.

“Are you ok?” I ask because he looks worried

He nods. Then shouts something and just as he says the last bit the music stops.

“Will you go out with me?” Toby says not meaning to say it so everyone can hear

He blushes but still waits for an answer.

“Can we go outside?” I ask pulling Toby

“Ooh, Toby and Liliana sitting in a tree....” says Gillian

“Grow up.” I say sharply

We get outside and Toby looks like he’s about to cry.

“Maybe I shouldn’t have asked you, I’m sorry.” He says disappointed about my reaction

“I didn’t say no did I, anyway I wanted to get out of there.” I say worried he might be regretting he said that

“But you didn’t say yes either.” He says

I think about it. I’ve never had a boyfriend before (well actually I’m lieing I had one in year 5 but that was ages ago).

“Ok I’ve thought about it and I’m saying yes.” I say smiling

“Oh, I was only joking.” Toby says

I don’t realise he was joking until he laughs.

“Ha ha, very funny.” I say sort of sarcastically

“Did you think I was telling the truth?” Toby asks

“Maybe, no.” I say lieing

He laughs and then it turns into a smile.

“Ooh, you two are an item now.” Says some immature people who used to be my friends (apparently)

“Don’t you have better things to be doing?” Toby says meanly

“Not really.” They say

“Well, I’m sure your boyfriends are missing you already.” I say

I’m not really sure how this fight happened and I don’t really know if it’s a fight, I’m not really sure.

“Would you like to dance?” asks Toby politely

“Well, I’m not very good at dancing. But ok.” I say happily

“I’m sure your you great,” Toby says making me blush for no particular reason

Toby finds out I was right, I am rubbish at dancing but like normal he just pretends and says I’m good. He also teaches me some moves.

“What’s that move called?” I ask curious

“I’m not sure; I think it’s called the worm.” He says showing me again

“It’s really cool, I doubt ill be able to do that.” I say fascinated at how good Toby is at dancing

I try but to be honest I think I’m just embarrassing myself. Toby says I’m getting better at it but I think he’s just being nice.

“Let’s go outside for a few minutes.” I suggest

“What time is it?” Toby asks when we get outside

I check my phone and then tell Toby the time.

“Its 9:00, what time do you have to go home?” I ask hoping it’s the same time as me

“”probably 9:45 maybe later, or whenever my mum comes to collect me.” Explains Toby

I remember Toby showing me the text that his dad sent him and I wonder if his mums ok.

“I have to go at 9:30 so shall we have a few more dances then it should be time to go?” I suggest

“Good idea.” Toby says

As we walk into the hall I feel a hand slip into mine, then I realise its Toby’s hand.

“I’m sorry.” He says letting go of my hand

“Don’t be.” I say putting my hand in his

Just as were about to go into the hall I feel my pocket vibrate several times. I get my phone out letting go of Toby’s hand and I check to see what my phone is telling me.

“Are you ok?” Toby asks

“My mums trying to phone me.” I say knowing what Toby’s going to say next

“Are you going to talk to her?” Toby asks

“No, I don’t think I am.” I say

Toby tries to persuade me to change my mind and call her back but I just stick to my answer and Toby gets bored after a while.

“Liliana,” Gran shouts when she sees me

“It must be 9:30 then.” I say

“I guess it is, see you on Monday bye.” Toby says waving

“Bye.” I say before running off to meet gran

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