Love, hate, betrayal

Liliana's life goes from being OK to falling apart. on her journey of bad events, she manages to experience love, hate and betrayal.


14. 14th chapter

Chapter 14

I think about what Gran asked me at lunch, what am I going to wear?

“I wonder what the disco will be like, what do you think?” asks Toby bringing me back to reality

“It had better be good because we did all of this work on it.” I say

Toby laughs a little but its not his normal laugh, it sounds almost like he’s forcing himself to laugh.

“Hi” I say to Gillian and Sarah as they walk past but they ignore me

“What’s up with them?” Toby asks

“I don’t know, probably because their boyfriends aren't going to the disco with them or something like that.” I suggest slightly laughing

I look at Toby and see if he’s smiling, but he’s not he’s just looking into thin air. Then he notices me looking at him and he smiles.

“So, are you going to the disco with anyone?” Toby asks me

“If going with myself counts, then yeah I am.” I say

He looks like he’s going to ask me something but then he stops himself.

“Why, did you have any plans?” I ask

“No, maybe.” Toby says

We walk to the library almost forgetting our school bags because were to busy talking. And I very nearly bump into Mrs. Dester who has hot tea in her hand, but Toby pulls me out of the way.

“Careful.” Mrs Dester shouts whilst rushing off

“Thanks.” I say to Toby

“You said that like I just saved your life.”

“Well, you did just save me from getting hot tea all over my school uniform.” I explain

He looks at me like I've just done something wrong then changes his look into a smile of some sort.

“So who’s the girl you’re going to the disco with?” I ask curious

“Well, I was actually thinking of going with you but if your going with someone else then...”

“No, id love to go with you.” I say rudely interrupting what Toby was saying, but he doesn’t mind

Ring ring, I guest ht means last lesson yippee (sarcasm).

“What have we got next?” Toby asks me

“Art, no we have French.” I say

“Yippee.” Says Toby sarcastically

It’s funny that I was just thinking what Toby just said.

“I thought you said you liked French.” I say confused

“Did I?”

“I’m sure you did, yes.” I say

“Maybe your thinking of someone else.” Toby suggests

I try and think who told me they like French.

“Oh, it was Brooklyn sorry.”

“How’s Brooklyn?” Toby asks politely

“I’m not sure, I haven’t actually seen him for ages,” I explain

The question Toby asked really gets me thinking, where is Brooklyn? And how is he?

“Why are you late? Asks our French teacher

“We aren't late.” Toby says

“Yes you are, your 5 minutes late.” Says my French teacher (I've forgotten her name, lets call her Mrs.).

“5 minutes, ha that’s hardly anything.” I say without thinking

I start to blush then I burst out laughing.

“Liliana, stop laughing.” Mrs says getting cross

“Yes I know what’s coming next, a detention.” I say cheekily

“Sit down and i'll think about it.” Says our French teacher getting even more angry now

I sit next to Toby on a table near the back.

“You were quite funny then.” Toby whispers

I turn my head so he can see my face then I smile. The rest of the lesson I try and be good and answer lots of questions.

“Who knows how to say I like and I don’t like?”

I put my hand up and get picked second, Jamie (a boy in my class) gets picked first but he gets it wrong.

“Liliana, what’s the answer?” Mrs. asks me

“It’s J’aime  for I like and je n’aime pas for I don’t like.” I say without hesitation

“Brilliant, well done.” Says Mrs.

The rest of the lesson seems to go on for 5 hours but it’s only an hour.

“ OK, get out your planners please.” Asks Mrs. Something

“Is it because we have homework?” someone asks

“No, we have a test on Thursday next week and I need you to revise.”

Ring ring, yes the end of the day finally.

“ OK, you can all go.” Says the teacher

“Wait for me.” I shout to Toby as he walks ahead

I catch up with but before I can leave Mrs. Stops me.

“Liliana, could I just have a word?” she asks

“ Urm, OK.” I say confused

“Toby, you may go.”

I wave to him then I see him turn and leave.

“It’s only going to be quick. Right, I just wanted to say how impressed I was with your answering of the questions.”

“Thanks,” I say

“Even though you were cheeky at the start of the lesson, I think I’m going to give you a warning instead of a detention. Right you had better get on your bus.” She says kindly

“Thank you,” I shout whilst I’m running towards the door and running out to get my bus

As I get on the bus I feel dizzy and ill, I find that Toby has saved me a seat near the back and has put his bag there so no one can sit next to him (apart from me obviously).

“You OK?” Toby asks me

“ Yeah, just abit out of breathe because I just ran.” I say breathing heavily

“You look a little ill,” Toby points out

“I’m fine” I say lieing

I’m not fine, I feel as if I’m spinning on a roundabout going round and round and I feel like I’m about to be sick.

“Shall we meet outside the hall?” I ask

“Yes, good idea” Toby says

“ OK see you then, bye” I say as Toby gets off the bus

I don’t realize this really small, shyish boy in year 7 looking at me until I turn my head to the right.

“What’s his problem?” I say quietly

I think he might have heard me somehow because he gives me this horrible, long look that makes me shiver for some reason.

“Could you stop looking at me?” I shout, not thinking

“Don’t be so mean.” A familiar voice calls out

Then I realize that the voice belongs to Sarah. Sarah never used to come on this bus and she’s never this mean.

“Maybe if he wasn't looking at me, then I wouldn't have shouted.” I say getting louder

Luckily it’s my stop because I wouldn't be able to take all the fighting and now I’m feeling even more ill.

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