Love, hate, betrayal

Liliana's life goes from being OK to falling apart. on her journey of bad events, she manages to experience love, hate and betrayal.


13. 13th chapter

Chapter 13

Mrs Dester is one of the worrying types; she worries about almost anything that’s not even worrying.

“Calm down, calm down we’ll get everything done for the disco.” says a teacher I’ve never heard of before

“But it’s on Friday.” Mrs Dester wails

For some reason she decided to make me and Toby help with the decorations and everything because we didn’t go to our detention last week.

“I think she’s forgotten were her.” I whisper to Toby

He jumps a little and it’s like he forgot I was there or maybe he was joking.

“Did I make you jump?” I ask

“No, I just felt a chill down my back.” Toby explains

“Why? It’s not even cold in here.” I say

He thinks of something to say and then comes up with something silly.

“Maybe it was a ghost, whoooo are you scared?” he says

He laughs a little then waits for my answer.

“Yeh, I was terrified I almost cried when you said it might be a ghost.” I say sarcastically

“Could you come and help set up the banners please?” Asks the teacher I don’t know

“Yes sure.” I say

As we start to set up the banners I realize that Toby looks really ill.

“Are you ok?” I ask worried

“Yeh I’m fine, but I think I need to get home.” Toby explains

“What do you mean?”

“My dad texted me saying he’s gone to Alaska because of his job and my mum isn’t very well so I have to go home and look after her.” Toby explains

I try to stop myself from crying as I remember something similar has happened to me, but I don’t want Toby getting upset.

“Ok, tell Mrs. Dester about the text.” I suggest

“No, because they wont believe me.” Toby says

“Show them the text then.” I say

He does what I suggest and he gets the choice of going home or staying to help which is silly because he is obviously going to choose home.

“Actually, I might stay because I haven’t got anyone to take me home and you’re doing this and you obviously need help.” Says Toby for some reason

“No go home, Liliana can help put the banners up and everything and Miss Gerbalson can take you home.” Says Mrs. Dester

That’s who the teacher I don’t know is, her name is Miss Gerbalson, wow I’ve learnt something at school.

“No, it’s alright it wouldn’t be fair.” He says angrily for some reason

No one argues with him but when were putting up the banners and unfolding the the tables I keep nagging him to go home, but he refuses to go and I give up after that.

“Right, I think it’s all done.” Says Mrs. Dester cheerfully

“Well done everyone, your parents should be here soon.” Explains Miss Gerbalson

“Who’s going to take me home?” Toby says worrying

I’m so tempted to say he can come with me but I don’t know where he lives.

“Where do you live?” Mrs. Dester asks

“Latford” Toby answers

“We pass latford to get to my Gran and Grandpas, I’m sure they wouldn’t mind dropping you off.” I explain

He sort of cheers up then smiles.

“Where does your Gran live?”

“Greanaven.” I answer

I’m really glad when Gran comes to pick me up because I hate staying at school, I ask Gran if she can drop Toby off and she’s absolutely fine with it.

“Thank you, see you tomorrow Liliana. Bye.” Says Toby whilst getting out of grans car

Toby has a really big but small house (I’m not sure if that’s possible). I’m expecting Gran to tease me or ask me questions about Toby but she just says the simplest thing.

“He’s nice.” Gran says softly

“Yes, he is.” I say looking up at the stars out of the car window

I don’t really listen to what Gran says next because I’m to busy thinking, the only thing I hear her says is “and he was my first boyfriend.” I just nod then go into my own little world.

“Wake up, wake up.” Says a voice in my head

It’s only a few minutes until I realise that I’m in a dream and that was Brooklyn’s voice, then I wake from my dream and I’m in darkness somewhere.

“Brooklyn, are you there?” I ask confirming it was a dream

As I expected I get no reply.

“Are you awake?” I hear a voice call out

I pretend to be asleep and then I actually do fall asleep.

“Wake up.” Says Gran lightly shaking me

“What, is it morning already?” I ask

Gran laughs like I’ve just told her a joke.

“I’m sorry, but it is.” She says smiling

A noise of some sort escapes my lips and its something crossed with a laugh and a groan. The noise makes Gran laugh again.

“What are you wearing to the disco tonight?” Gran asks when I get downstairs

“I’m not sure.” I say

Then Gran asks me something that grans and mums usually say.

“Are you going with anybody?” Gran asks curiously

This makes me laugh.

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