Love, hate, betrayal

Liliana's life goes from being OK to falling apart. on her journey of bad events, she manages to experience love, hate and betrayal.


12. 12th chapter

Chapter 12

“Hi.” Says Toby when I get on the bus and sit next to him

“Hi, did you have a nice day at school when I was off? Or did you miss me?” I ask half laughing half not

“Well, I cried if that tells you anything.” He says and I believe him at first

The look on his face makes me believe him and maybe he was crying about me not there, I’m not sure.


“No, your so gullible.” He says laughing

“well, your such a good actor so it sounded like you were telling the truth.” I explain

He just smiles at my comment. squeak that must be the breaks on the bus stopping for a car or something.

“Why have we stopped?” I ask Toby

“I’m not sure.” He says

“Right, everyone we have broken down but don’t worry I phoned the bus company and there going to send another bus to us, ok.” Says the bus driver

His voice is so loud he almost bursts my ear drums (maybe I’m exaggerating).

“Were going to be late for school, yay.” I say

“not necessarily, because were nearly always really early and the new bus could come any minute now.” Explains Toby

“Ok, ok smarty pants.” I say laughing

My laugh turns into a weird noise, a noise crossed between crying sneezing and laughing.

“are you alright?” Toby asks

The way he looks at me he knows something’s wrong even before my brain knows that I’m upset.

“Yeh, just tired.” I lie

“Tell me, I’m a brilliant listener.” Toby says

“I’m fine.” I say sharply

After that he realises what the problem is but he doesn’t say anything about it till were at school.

“You know, I had a relative that was ill.” He says softly

“its not the same, anyway I had better go find my other friends who should be waiting for me.” I say walking away rudely

I keep walking on and resist looking back, when I get over to Gillian and the others they question me.

“Where were you the other day?” they ask me

“Hi would be nice,” I say

“Sorry, were just worried.” Says Gillian

“don’t be I’m fine, I was just ill.” I say lieing

They seem to believe me but still question me and it starts to get annoying, really annoying.

“So where’s Brooklyn?” asks someone

“He’s still got a cold.” I explain getting really annoyed now

“how come your ok now?” asks Gillian

“Stop asking me questions.” I say angrily half shouting

I storm off then start to run and bump into someone. Then I run past Toby who’s heading to our next class but he only just stops me.

“What’s up, are you ok?” he asks even though he can clearly see I’m not

“Why would you care?” I say meanly then wish I hadn’t said it

He just ignores what I just said and is even nicer to me.

“lets take you somewhere where your alone so you can sort yourself out.” He suggests

He takes me behind a building then calms me down just before the bell goes, then makes me tell him about what just happened there.

“Well, I was upset and um, my friends were asking me all these questions about “why was I away?”, and “where’s Brooklyn” so I just panicked and ended up shouting at them and running away.”

He listens well, then he hands me a tissue and I’m confused until I realise I’m crying.

“It’s alright, at least now you’ve told someone.” He says

“Please don’t tell anyone,” I beg

“I’m sure I won’t, but...” he says teasing me

“Seriously, I’m not joking don’t tell anyone.” I say

He takes the tissue out of my hand then wipes my eyes. Its only when I look at him that I realise our faces are seriously close together.

“You look funny when you cry.” He says for some reason

“Thanks.” I say sarcastically

Then Toby places his lips against mine without hesitation. It only lasted for a second but in my mind it lasted forever.

“We had better get back to lesson,” says Toby awkwardly

“Yeh, we should.” I say

When we enter our German class we get strange looks from everyone. We sit down where there is a spare seat and I end up sitting at the table beside the table behind Toby’s table.

“Why are you late?” asks the teacher suspiciously

I can never get her name right it’s something like Miss Landertiven or something like that.

“I was lost miss.” I say stupidly

“I’m sure you where, and what’s your excuse Toby?” miss asks

“Its not an excuse miss, I had to go and see the coach about football.” He explains

“Well, because I’m not having a good day today I’m going to give you both a detention after school, now go and see Mrs. Dester in her office.”

We both go to her office, on the way we don’t talk for some reason, because were normally chatting away to each other.

“Hi, come in.” Say Mrs. dester once we’ve knocked

“Hi, we were sent here by Miss Landertiven.” I explain

“It’s Miss Larderteven, what where you sent here for?” she asks

By the tone in Mrs. Dester voice and the look in her eyes she knows already but she wastes time by asking us this silly question.

“We got a detention for being late.” Says Toby

For a minute then I thought he was going to blame it on me but remembered it wasn’t my fault.

“Ok, shall we phone your parents or carers?”

“Yeh, il go first.” I say stupidly

“I’m only phoning your parents, il phone Toby’s mum first.” Says Mrs.

She phones Toby’s mum but she doesn’t answer and then she tries his dads mobile twice and finally gets through.

“Hello, I’m sorry but I’m very busy could you please call back.” Says Toby’s dad hanging up

“I’ll try later, now Liliana do you have your Gran and Grandpas home phone number?”

I get my phone out and tell her the number and she calls them, they answer quickly and use a sort of panicky voice.

“What’s happened? Is Liliana ok?” asks Gran

“Yes, she’s fine it’s just that she has a detention after school.”

“Oh, what has she done?” asks Grandpa

“Would you like to speak to her now?”

“Yes please.” says Gran

I get passed the phone and I explain why I got a detention and that I’m ok and there’s nothing to worry about over and over again.

“Ok bye, see you at 4:00,” says Gran

“bye.” I say

“Ok, you had better get back to class.” Says Mrs. being a typical teacher/head teacher

Just as I’m about to leave Mrs. Dester calls me back in for something and Toby follows like his names Liliana to.

“Toby, you can go back to class, I just need to speak to Liliana.” Says Mrs. Dester

“Bye.” Says Toby to me

“Bye.” I repeat

I know what Mrs. Dester is thinking, “Are they going out or not?”

“Right ok, I thought about everything that has happened with you and your mum and Brooklyn and I thought you might want to see someone to talk about it, someone who’s professional.” Suggests Mrs. Dester

“Why would I need to see someone professional when I have all my friends and some of my family?” I say almost shouting

Then the most stupid thing happens I feel a tear running down my cheek but I don’t brush it away I just leave it trickling down my cheek.

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