Love, hate, betrayal

Liliana's life goes from being OK to falling apart. on her journey of bad events, she manages to experience love, hate and betrayal.


11. 11th chapter

Chapter 11

I just stand there frozen and not knowing what to do, I can’t even talk I must have lost my voice and my legs are all wobbly I don’t think I can stand on them for much longer. 

“Your joking I know it, please tell me your joking please.” I say half shouting half crying

“I’m sorry, I’m sorry.” Says Gran cuddling me

Even though I hate her I really wish mum was here to hug me, but Gran is very comforting and is giving me lots of hugs. Ring ring, its mum I wonder what she wants now.

“What.” I say

“Hi then.” Mum says

“What do you want then?” I ask

“I was wondering how you are and how Brooklyn is doing,” mum explains

“Well, Brooklyn is dying you left us to find dad and everything’s gone wrong.” I shout into the phone before I end the call and storm off

I wish I didn’t shout at mum because she didn’t know that Brooklyn has cancer and she didn’t have any choice about going off to France like that.

“Liliana, are you in here?” Gran asks shouting

I don’t reply but somehow Gran knows I’m in here.

“You can’t always run to the toilets and cry when there’s a problem. Why don’t you talk to me about it or I could get a professional to come to my house.”  Gran suggests

“Id rather be on my own, but thanks for the offer.” I say crying with my face in my hands

“Ok, but if you need someone to talk to you know I’m always here.” Gran says

I wonder why she’s being so nice to me, well mum has gone to France and Brooklyn is ill but she never used to be this nice. I’m sure.

“Did Brooklyn get cancer from the anaphylactic shock?” I ask

“Yes and no, he got very ill and he somehow got cancer. I don’t really understand these things, maybe we should go and see him and find out a bit more.”

I nod; I wipe my eyes with tissue until there isn’t any tear in sight and walk with Gran to where Grandpa is sitting.

“Are you ok now?” Asks Grandpa hugging me

He says something else but I don’t quite catch it because he’s holding me so tightly I can’t move, hear or speak.

“Your squashing her love, let go.” Says gran

“I’m just giving her a hug.” He explains

I wriggle my head out from under his arm and he lets go.

“Would you like to see him before you go home?” asks the doctor standing behind us

“Yeh, that would be nice.” Says gran

“I will stay outside while you see him,” says Grandpa

I find the rule of only letting two people into the room to see the patient silly, I’m sure you could easily fit 5 people in there so you would be able to fit three in easily.

“Yeh, see you in a minute.”

“I’m sure we can let all three of you in this once.” Says the doctor

As we walk in I don’t say anything, and when we get in there I don’t say much because Brooklyn doesn’t really feel like talking.

“Hi, are you ok.” I ask not expecting an answer

“Hi.” Says Brooklyn almost whispering but not meaning to

13 minutes pass and there isn’t much conversation circling the room just a few “hi’s” and “your looking better” even though he’s not.

“We had better get going; we can visit you tomorrow after school.” Says gran

“Why can’t we miss another day of school?” I ask

“Because you need to learn.” Grandpa explains

We say goodbye and Gran thanks the doctor and nurse for all their help and we go.

“Are you ok?” Grandpa asks when were in the car

“Fine.” I say quietly

Gran smiles at me but I don’t smile back.

“Maybe you should get some sleep, it’s very late.” Suggests gran

I don’t object I wriggle my body down so my head is leaning against the car door and in no time I fall asleep.

“Try to go back to sleep,” I hear a voice telling me

“What time is it?” I ask sleepily even though I’ve just been asleep

“its 11:30, we’ve only just got home there was terrible traffic and you slept through it all” another voice explains

I’m too tired to say anything after that and in a flash I’m fast asleep dreaming of something.

“Morning love,” says Gran merrily

She opens the curtains in my room and the light blinds me.

“Morning.” I say franticly trying to block out the light with my hand

“I will go and make breakfast for you and Grandpa while you get dressed ok.” Explains gran

“Ok,” I say

She leaves the room and I’m really tempted to go back to sleep, but I get dressed like she said and when she calls me for breakfast I’m all ready.

“Well done your dressed on time.” Says Gran half joking half not

I laugh a little then get stuck into my cereal which is half cheerio’s and half something else.

“What’s this?” I ask when Gran passes me something

“a present for you from me and Grandpa, its just something small.” She explains

“thanks, but I’ve had to many presents maybe you should give it to Brooklyn or something.” I say

She looks at me like she’s disappointed with my reaction, maybe she is disappointed with my reaction (I cant tell).

“Open it, come on.” She says nudging me

“Ok, ok.” I say

I take my time to open it and when I do at first I have no idea what it is and then I realise.

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