Who will it be?

Who will it be?
Amy is on a holiday in Ireland with her two best friends when something happens what she really not expected...


2. Plane time!

Amy P.O.V

"Amy?" It was now 1:23 am. I knew that I had to get some sleep, but I just couldn't sleep, I was too excited! "Yes, Kathy?" "Are you asleep?" "Kathy, why would I answer when I am sleeping?" "Oh, yeah, right, sorry." "It's okay, you can't sleep to?" "No, I am too excited!" "Yeah, me to babe!"  Aww, I really can't wait to be there! It will be so much fun! "Is Willow asleep?" "Yes, she is. She is so quick asleep!" "Yeah, I know right! Haha, do you remember that time when we had a sleepover at your house and she just slept trough all the noise we made?" "Yeah, that was so funny! Haha! But I think we should go to sleep to." "Yeah, good night." "Night." As soon as I said that, I felt myself drifting of to sleep.


 I woke up with a hard kick in my back. Some little kid was kicking my seat! I friendly asked him to stop, and then turned back to look at Willow and Kathy, to check if they were already awake. But they weren't, so I decided to let them sleep for a little while longer. Then I felt the kicking again and I got angry. "Stop it!" But he didn't. So I asked his mom to make him stop. But she just got angry at me. So I turned my back to her, and she shouted at me. "You stupid girl, how dare you to say things like that about my little boy!" "That little boy of yours was kicking me!" I yelled at her. She told me to be quiet. So I got back in my seat and saw that Willow was awake. "Why were you shouting?" she asked. I told her what had happened, and she just laught at me.
That was when Kathy woke up. "Willow why are you laughing at Amy?" "Yeah, why? It wasn't even funny at all!" "Sorry, I found it funny." After she said that she just started laughing harder. "Guys, what happened?" "I will explain it later. Now we have to take our seats, 'cause we're about to land!" "Yeah!" Just as I said that, the stewardess came in to say that we where about to land and that we had to put our seatbelds on. When she was gone, the plane started to lower down and before we actually knew it, the plane had landed! 

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