Who will it be?

Who will it be?
Amy is on a holiday in Ireland with her two best friends when something happens what she really not expected...


4. Managements orders...

Niall P.O.V.

I have to go to Amy! "Niall! C'mon, we have to keep going mate!" "Harry, it's not really the right time for that! I have to go after that girl!" "You don't understand Niall, we will get problems with management if you don't come with us now, and by the way, you will find other girls. Like, loads of them. "Lou, you don't understand, she was special, I dont know why but she was different." 'You bearly know her, mate." I looked at Liam to see how he thought about it, but he didn't react on me. So I asked him to come with me. And he did. As we ran of the other guys looked at us with a what-the-f*ck-are-they-doing-face, but we didn't care.
We searched everywhere, even in the girlsbathroom, where we got kicked out by a very angry lady. But we never saw Amy or any of her friends again on the airport. So we decided to go to the hotel, hoping to see her again. To get my mind of of things the boys and I decided to go to a pub tonight. We all were ready and got in the car. Up to the pub!

Amy P.O.V.

I knew he wouldn't come! Kathy and Willow were trying to cheer me up, but that wouldn't work right now. I really was, well actually I still am, in love with him. I don't really know him , but he was special. Apparently he doesn't feel that way about me... "Let's go to the pub near the hotel tonight! Than we can have some fun and we all will find a nice guy, what do you think about that girls?" Maybe it will be good to have some fun with these girls, so let's just do it. "Okey!" "Yeah! Let's put on our sexy dresses and get ready for a perfect night!" I hope Niall and the rest of One Direction won't be there...

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