Who will it be?

Who will it be?
Amy is on a holiday in Ireland with her two best friends when something happens what she really not expected...


3. I'm so sorry!

Amy's P.O.V.

We got out of the plane and checked out. We decided we should get some coffee from Starbucks before we got our suitcases and left the building. We were all a bit sleepy, except from Willow, because she slept good in the plane and well... we didn't. So to get a little bit of energy we went to get coffee. We were just talking about what we could do later today, when Kathy just randomly started screaming! "Kathy! Calm down! What's wrong?" "Omg! Amy! Willow! Look! Omg! There!" She pointed too a group of girls standing in a circle around something, but I couldn't see what it was. "What? I can't see it Kathy!" Willow was screaming to! What was I not seeing then? Damn! Now I want to know it. I can only know by looking, right? So I walked up to the crowd, but I didn't get far because Kathy and Willow pulled me in the bathroom. "Why did you walk over there?" "I wanted to know what was going on!" "You can't just walk up to them!" "To who?" "You really don't know, don't you?" "No! Why would I ask it if I knew it?" "It was One Direction!!" That name sounded familiar. "One Direction?" "Oh God! You don't know who One Direction is?" Even Willow was looking at me weird because I didn't know them. "Let's just go get some coffee and then go to our hotel, okay?" Kathy and I both agreed to that and we went to get our coffee. Everywhere we went, I mean like really EVERYWHERE, there were girls screaming really loud and it was so annoying! We got our coffee and paid for it. I really had to go to the toilet and Willow and Kathy found a table and sat down, so I took my chance to go to the bathroom. "Guys, I'm just gonna go to the bathroom." "K." I did took my coffee with me to the bathroom, but that's because I don't trust them with my drink, they would something gross with it, like put salt in it, so I took it with me. But I soon found out that wasn't a good idea. I bumped into someone and the coffee was on his shirt, mine shirt and the floor. "Damn! I'm so sorry!" He had a extremely cute voice. "It's okay." "No, it's not, come on, let me help you." He reached down to help me up and I took his hand. I looked at him for the first time and I thought I was dreaming! This boy is so cute, he is just flawless. He noticed me staring and chuckled. "You know, it's not nice to stare at people." I felt myself blushing. "Sorry, it's just..." "No, I get it. You're a fan and stuff." "Fan of who?" "Haha, you don't know who I am?" "No, not really, you look familiar but I don't know you." He got extremely red! "Oh! Well... Yeah, I am Niall Horan, from One Direction." Of course! All those girls were screaming for him and the band! Ow, I feel so stupid now. "Hi, I'm Amy Mathews." I said, shaking his hand. I looked in his eyes and I got completely lost in them. They were so beautiful, they were blue like an ocean and just so beautiful. We must have stand there for a while looking in each other's eyes, when I heard a fake cough. I quickly turned around and there stood Willow and Kathy with a smirk plastered on their faces. I turned around and Niall stood there very embarrassed, he probably hates me now, not that he would like me or something. No, he always hated me, I didn't look out and because of me his shirt is covered by coffee. I had to get away from here so fast as possible. So I got my things and run to the bathroom, locked the door and just let the tears fall...


Niall's P.O.V.

This girl was so beautiful! Just everything about her was perfect. Even when she was covered by coffee she looked perfect to me. And her name, Amy Mathews, also perfect. Wait... Stop, Niall! No, she probably doesn't like me! I mean why would she like me?! She can get so much better than me, She is so out of my league. That was when I heard a fake cough, but I couldn't get my eyes of of her. She turned around and I looked behind, there were two girls standing with smirks on their faces. What did they think?! I felt myself becoming red and I looked back at Amy. And she just got her stuff and run to the bathroom. I couldn't move or think, I just didn't know what just happened... "What did you do to her? Why did she just ran off?" I looked up at the girls who still stood ther, but now the smirk had changed into an very angry face. "I-I don't know. I didn't do anything wrong." I didn't right? No, I didn't. I had to do something, but what?! What do I do now?!

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