Dancing With My Heart

Holly Sinclair is One Direction's choreographer and she didn't half have her cut out! She didn't complain though, she loved spending time with the boys... and they loved spending time with her!

What happens when Holly is replaced? How will the boys get to see her? Who knows... but love always finds a way.


1. That's a Rap

Holly's POV:

"No Louis, it's step left, step right, hand out!" I sighed and corrected him again.

"But Holly!" He whined, stretching out my name, "This is like, so complicated!" Seriously? This was the simplest version of this dance!

"Louis, if this dance gets any simpler then you will be standing still! Anyway, all the others can do it, Harry, it isn't that hard is it?" Harry looked up and shook his head, 

"No Boobear! It's so easy-peasy!"

"No it's not." Louis muttered to himself. He walked back to the stage and so did the others. I started the music for 'Kiss You' and they began. I carefully watched each boy and examined the routine. Niall, good dancing, bit off time. Liam, perfectly on time, too jerky. Harry, ok, missing a couple of moves. Zayn, very...fluid? Hmm strange... And finally Louis. He finally got all the moves right I guess... Just a bit off time!

The music ended and they all sat on the edge of the stage, panting and red-faced.

"Guys that was really good! I think one more practice tomorrow and we're all set!" They cheered and we all had a group hug. They picked up their up their stuff and left but Niall hung back.

"Hey Holly..."

"Yes Niall?"

"Do you want to pick up a starbucks with me?" I considered, any work to do? No... Any people to call? No...

"Go on then Niall! I'll get a starbucks with you!" He smiled and I grabbed my bag and we walked out.


The rain fell down hard as I pulled my collar up higher.

"Niall why did we walk?" I grumbled and he chuckled.

"Because Holly we are saving the environment!" Urgh, stuff the environment! We carried on walking until we finally reached Starbucks, I have honestly never been more happy to see that sign. Ever.

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