Dancing With My Heart

Holly Sinclair is One Direction's choreographer and she didn't half have her cut out! She didn't complain though, she loved spending time with the boys... and they loved spending time with her!

What happens when Holly is replaced? How will the boys get to see her? Who knows... but love always finds a way.


2. Starbucks

Holly's POV:

Me and Niall both ordered and sat down at a table in the corner. He pulled his hood up and smiled apologetically.

"Sorry about the hood Holly, I mean, you know why me and the boys do it right?" I nodded and sat back. Sip. Sip. The silence between us became unbearable. Niall must've realised too because he suddenly spoke up.

"Listen Holly,  I like you ok? A lot and I'm... I'm sorry..." He drifted off. I went into shock honestly. I did really like Niall, he was so cute but I'd never really seen him as more than a friend, but then again, he could be... I stared right into his bright blue eyes.

"I like you too Niall and maybe we should go on a date sometime?" 

"Really Holly? You're not just saying that?" I nodded and grinned happily. I slipped my hand in his and we both continued to drink our coffees.


"Hey guys, ready to nail this dance?" The boys all nodded unenthusiastically and I sighed. Oh well, the show must go on! We went through the dance a couple of times and I could see that they were all improving quite well. Every now and then Niall would slip a glance at me and wink or smile, oh I really like him! I'm not really sure if it's love yet but who knows?

FINALLY! The boys managed to get the dance perfectly! We all ran around screaming and laughing and hugging each other! It was so funny!

"Hey Holly," Zayn called out, "We're all going back to Louis's house now, do you want come?" 

"Yeah sure, will Eleanor be there?" I turned to Louis and he nodded. Me and Eleanor got on quite well, she sometimes came with Louis to rehearsals and we talked a lot. 

"Let's go!" Harry shouted and we all linked arms and walked out.

**** 1 Hour later****

"Hmm Harry, I dare you to..." I looked around for inspiration.

"I dare you to lick Louis from his chest to the top of his neck!" I sat back, proud of my dare and everyone laughed. Well, except for Louis and Harry, they just glared at me... 

"Does that I mean I have to take off my top Holly?" Louis asked and I nodded. Oh this would be good! Louis took his top off and tilted his neck back. Harry leaned in slowly and stopped.

"No I'm Holly I cannot do that, it's just... ew... Plus I know that Louis hasn't showered for 3 days!" We all stopped laughing and I once again had to think of something for Harry to do.

"I know, Harry, you have to eat one of Niall's Special Sandwhiches!" Harry honestly looked even more disgusted by this dare than the other one. Niall however was laughing manically and running to the kitchen. Good luck Harry! 


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