A group of ten teens go on a spring break trip to an old mansion. Rented for a whole two weeks, they have the time of their lives. However, that mansion has an old history. A young girl was murdered there twenty years ago. Nothing was shown but a bloody X. That same murderer is back, and these teens need to survive for the rest of their time. One by one, they're picked off. Can they survive?


9. The Town

The teens ran through the woods back to the town. They made it back to the rental home and then looked around for the weapons they left. Connor was not at his death spot. Andre smelt something burning and looked out the window. 

A burning pile of bodies was ablaze in the center of town. X was standing there with a ax in one hand and a jar of gas in the other.  X turned around and looked directly at Andre. X signaled for Andre to come to him. Andre stepped out of the house and slowly walked to X. The two of them stared at each other face to face.

"Hello Andre. How's the house going for you? I owned that one before the I killed the guests and ran off. Yeah that was the good times. Now the old couple own it and I want it back. The house was special to me and then you came along." X said

Andre socked X in the jaw and then stepped back. X dropped the gasoline and ax and put his hands behind his back. X then kneeled down and secretly pulled out a switchblade. 

"Go on kill me if you have the guts to." X said.

Andre pulled his arm back to punch X. X flipped over Andre lifted his leg up and broke it. The bone tore Andre's leg. X grabbed the bone and sawed it off with the knife. Andre screamed in pain. X flipped over Andre and slit his throat.

Then X turned around back to the house and yelled "C'mon dammit c'mon!" Then grabbed the Ax and ran at the house.

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