A group of ten teens go on a spring break trip to an old mansion. Rented for a whole two weeks, they have the time of their lives. However, that mansion has an old history. A young girl was murdered there twenty years ago. Nothing was shown but a bloody X. That same murderer is back, and these teens need to survive for the rest of their time. One by one, they're picked off. Can they survive?


7. The Opening Kill

Angie sprinted past the small stream in the back of the forest. Angie was to tired to run anymore. She bent over panting and sweating. 

"Hello sunshine." came a voice from behind a tree

"Please don't do this. Please." wailed Angie

"I must, even if I try not to kill you I must." X said stepping out from underneath.

A small tear fell down Angie's face. X reached his hand out and wiped the tear away. 

"How about a hug?" X said gesturing for a hug

Angie hugged him back. X then pulled out a machete and impaled her in the stomach.

"Do you want to know what my mom did to me every time I asked for a hug? She pulled a switchblade out and scarred my face." X said as he pulled the machete out of Angie. 

"Rust decays the body like many other elements. You will feel the true pain of death unlike what you friends tell you. They lie to you and always have. I think I am going to leave now. Goodbye Angie." X shoved her on the ground. She lay in a pool of blood seeping out from a small slit in her gut. 

X turned around and disappeared into the night. Angie faded to death.


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