A group of ten teens go on a spring break trip to an old mansion. Rented for a whole two weeks, they have the time of their lives. However, that mansion has an old history. A young girl was murdered there twenty years ago. Nothing was shown but a bloody X. That same murderer is back, and these teens need to survive for the rest of their time. One by one, they're picked off. Can they survive?


5. The Breakout

They were near panic. They all huddled in the living room, waiting for one of them to take leadership. Sam stood, and said "We're sitting ducks here. And Claire, what the hell is going on here?" Claire didn't move, but she murmured, "If I knew, we wouldn't be here." Sam had no words, and slowly sat down. Everyone sat in silence. Angie spoke, "We should split up. Being together does nothing." Andre split them up. Sam, Kayley, Derek, and Angie was one group. Andre, Connor, and Claire were the second group. Andre's team were to attempt to break down the doors, while Derek's group scavenged around the house for anything that could be a potential weapon. Andre, Connor, and Claire ran at the door. They slammed against it, and heard the door creak on its hinges. The second time they splintered the door, and finally, the third time, the door broke. "DEREK!" Connor yelled. "We got it open. Get down here now!" Derek and his group tromped down the stairs, and in their hands were hammers, umbrellas, and other assorted household items. They looked out, and felt a fresh breeze ruffle through their hair, and thought "We're finally free." They stomped outside in a gaggle, but when they reached the van, the tires were slashed. They turned around, looking to go back inside, when X dropped down, in between them and the door, and in a menacing, quiet voice whispered, "Get in the woods, or you all die now." Connor, near hysteria, ran toward X brandishing a fireplace poker. Those were his last actions. X swiftly side-stepped his first attack, and grabbed the poker. Flipping Connor upside down, X used the poker to stab Connor through the eye, straight into his brain. Leaving him there, it said, "That's a lesson for all of you. Now get into the woods before I lose my damn temper and kill another one of you pathetic kids. Let's play a game shall we? Every hour, you're gonna choose who dies. Bring them out to the clearing in the woods, and stick around. Choose not to play, and you all die. Understood? Now go."

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