A group of ten teens go on a spring break trip to an old mansion. Rented for a whole two weeks, they have the time of their lives. However, that mansion has an old history. A young girl was murdered there twenty years ago. Nothing was shown but a bloody X. That same murderer is back, and these teens need to survive for the rest of their time. One by one, they're picked off. Can they survive?


8. New Plans

The group of remaining teens rested under the shade of redwood trees. A crossbow arrow was shot into the base of a tree. Andre was startled awake by the noise. He grabbed the note and read it. It said:

"I am tired of killing only one of you pathetic creatures. All of you follow the smell of your rotting friend and then stay there for the rest of the day." You may rest in piece(s) tonight, OR you can go back to town and try and get help. I want to see you struggle and I will either way. See you tonight kids.

Yours truly


Andre woke up everyone else and told them about the note. 

"Can't we just hit the bloody road and forget this whole trip." Kayley whispered.

Andre heard her and said "No because this killer has taken enough of us. Today we fight. We will defend the town and kill X. 

"X has an endless bag of weapons and what do we have, A large pile of clothes and some basic hygiene stuff." Derek pointed out to the group

"We use the town to our advantage." Andre said

"That makes no sense." Derek replied

"Then you got any better ideas?" Andre replied again.

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