A group of ten teens go on a spring break trip to an old mansion. Rented for a whole two weeks, they have the time of their lives. However, that mansion has an old history. A young girl was murdered there twenty years ago. Nothing was shown but a bloody X. That same murderer is back, and these teens need to survive for the rest of their time. One by one, they're picked off. Can they survive?


10. It All Ends

X bust down the door. "Where are you bastards?" X yelled.

Derek swung a baseball bat X's face. X stumbled backwards. X swung the ax at Derek's head cutting it off. Waddling around the house. X found the room which Claire and Kayley were in. X pulled out a stick of dynamite. 

"See ya later kids." He tossed the stick in the room and continued walking. The room blew up and set the front of the house on fire. X began slowly walking to the last room. He grabbed a burning piece of wood and threw it on the door. The door lit on fire. Claire screamed and rushed out of the burning room. X stood there with the ax. 

"Batter up!" X said as he swung the bat at Claire's gut. Claire landed face up with the ax halfway in here stomach. X tried pulling the ax out but the intestines wrapped around it. X yanked it out. Blood sprayed the walls. 

"Time to go now." X murmured.

Standing outside the house X yelled "The town is all mine. No one can stop me now! Yeeeeessss!"Then he grabbed the ax and walked out of the town onto the road and continued to walk until the town was out of view. No one could stop the mad masked killer but everyone knew that X is watching...

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