I've been running all my life. Away from the horrid memories of the sacrifices my mother made to protect me, and to protect my name from this evil world we live in...
But everything's changed...
I've recently found out my mother was murdered by a psychopath; choosing the wrong pill in a game of chance that would give away her secret. That gave away my name.
That cost her her life...
I heard a man named Sherlock Holmes had solved my mother's case along with others who had fallen of the same fate. I must find him so I can warn him: for he does not know what he has gotten himself into...


11. With A Guarding Passion

After kissing for about another minute or two, not to mention eating the food PJ packed and watching the sunset, we finally head back to Baker Street. He did need to stay with me for the entire day to "protect me".

"MRS. HUDSON?" I call out when we walk into 221B. "SHERLOCK? JOHN?" I turn to PJ and shrug my shoulders. I take his hand and lead him up the stairs to my flat. I decide to show him around the flat, since he's only been here once since yesterday. I take him through the kitchen, living room, bathroom, etc...

But then things start to get interesting...


"And this is the bedroom..." I say as I shut the door behind me and as PJ looks around. He investigates my old brass vanity, where the picture that came through the window yesterday was currently perched.

"You kept this picture?" PJ asks. "Why? I mean, it still has the death threat on it and everything!"

I take a seat on my bed and pat a spot next to me. PJ sits, bringing the picture with him. I gently take the picture from his hands and trace the old frame with my fingers.

"This is the only picture of me and my mother together..." I tell PJ. "It was funny how the picture was taken. I was just strolling through London, and I was planning to ride the London Eye, and I coincidentally got in the same pod as my mum. I remember we were both shell-shocked that we were in the same place for the first time." Tears start to form as I continue. "She didn't yell at me like I thought she was going to. We just...talked. I talked about how my life had been going, and she talked about hers. Then decided to take a picture with her when we were stopped at the top, so that way I would know that this was a real experience. After we got off, we just kind of went our separate ways..." I feel tears rolling down my face, but PJ soon puts his warm, soft hand on my cheek to wipe the tears away.

"I'm sorry..." He apologizes. "I shouldn't have asked."

"No, no, it's okay...it feels good to get it out..." I smile. PJ smiles too, and I can tell he's glad that I'm okay. He pulls his face towards mine, and our lips collide once again. 


This time, however, it's different...


I feel PJ's hands slide down slowly to my waist, and a little tongue starts to slip into the kiss. His body starts leaning towards mine. Next thing I know I'm on my back, still kissing PJ, who is now on top of me. I start to feel around under his shirt, and he starts kissing me even more passionately. I carefully lift up his shirt, inch by inch, and pretty soon its off and on the floor. We stop kissing for a moment and I open my eyes to reveal PJ's amazingly hot upper body. My face turns a bright cherry red just at the sight of it. I look up to see PJ's face, and seeing my face completely red, laughs a little to himself. He leans down closer to my ear and whispers seductively. "You look so cute when you're embarrassed..." He then starts kissing my cheek and advances past my jaw to my neck ever so gently. I feel the blood rush to my face in even more embarrassment, and I can't help but close my eyes and let out a small groan. I run my one hand through his soft, dark hair; the other I move up and down his back. I open my eyes just for a moment and take advantage as PJ takes his lips off my neck for less than a moment. I use all my weight to flip us over, now putting him under and making myself on top. I sit up while PJ closes his eyes and, chuckles a bit. 

"You clever girl..." he says as his hands find my waist. He pulls himself upright and starts kissing me again. I wrap my arms around his neck while he moves his hands up and down my back under my sweater. He lifts it off of me and throws it on the floor, surprisingly still kissing me very passionately, then put his hands back where they were. His fingers feel each individual segment of my spine, his lips covering every single inch of my own. PJ's lips then return to my neck, and I start groaning again. He takes advantage of my pleasure and puts me on my back once more. I start to take off my leggings, and PJ moves a little to the side so I can do so, but still doesn't stop kissing me. He then allows me to undo the button and zipper of his jeans, and he is eventually able to squirm out of them. I am now only in my bra and underwear, and PJ only in his boxers. He lets me get back on top of him, but he makes no moves to remove anymore of my clothing.

We finally separate out lips and I put my head on his chest. I shiver, and PJ responds by putting his arm around me. He grabs my chin and lifts it up so I look directly into his constantly changing eyes.


"Yes, PJ?"

"...I love you."

"...I love you, too."

He senses I'm drowsy, and he pulls my covers over us.

I eventually fall asleep to the sound of his beating heart...

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