I've been running all my life. Away from the horrid memories of the sacrifices my mother made to protect me, and to protect my name from this evil world we live in...
But everything's changed...
I've recently found out my mother was murdered by a psychopath; choosing the wrong pill in a game of chance that would give away her secret. That gave away my name.
That cost her her life...
I heard a man named Sherlock Holmes had solved my mother's case along with others who had fallen of the same fate. I must find him so I can warn him: for he does not know what he has gotten himself into...


31. Unknown Nightmares & Unacknowledged Betrayals

I see that PJ is talking to Sophie, so I just sit quietly to myself and look over at Bertie, and he gives me a reassuring smile and a small wave.

Julie comes back out of the room a few minutes later with a full McDonald's bag. "Okay!" She says. "If I have told you to go to a room, then please do so." I smile and rise from my seat, and head upstairs like Julie told me to, but I don't see everyone else who dispursed.


I close the door behind me and examine the room. The walls were a nice cream colour, and the bed had a nice mahogany frame with a king-sized mattress with wall-coloured sheets, and the first two words that popped into my head were master bedroom. I plop down on the bed, and I bounce in the air slightly. I chuckle to my self and slip off my shoes and start bouncing, hoping not to stretch out and make any holes in my black lace tights. It's only when I hit my head on the ceiling when the door opens to reveal the "lucky fellow" holding my necklace.

"Well, we meet again..." Bertie says as he shuts the door behind him. He holds up the necklace in his left hand, examining the rain drop charm carefully. "This is a very beautiful necklace. Did PJ give this to you?"

"No; another close friend actually did." I say, and as soon as those words come out of my mouth I start to worry about Sherlock and John, since Lestrade was there before I left and all...

Bertie walks over and sits next to me on the bed. "May I?" He asks. I nod, and he wraps the necklace around my neck, where the rain drop fits perfectly into my collar bone. I start to chuckle.

"What is it?" Bertie asks.

"Well...when a guy is put in a room with a girl who he thinks is prettier than he imagined, he usually takes advantage of the situation."

Bertie laughs. "Well, he already know that she's taken, so he might as well use this time to become closer friends with her while they're away from the noise." With that response, I take Bertie's hand and start jumping on the bed, edging him to jump with me. In response, Bertie kicks off his shoes and takes my hands, and we bounce in circles like the secret pre-schoolers we are. He spins me, I spin him, we laugh, dance, and just overall have a good time.

At one point in bouncing, Bertie accidentally falls on top of me, and we both crash down onto the bed. We start laughing like crazy, but the laughing slowly decays into silence. His light blue eyes stare into my darker ones, and I can feel my cheeks getting warmer. I smile and look to the side, because this intense eye contact was making me feel...something I couldn't quite name...

I feel something slightly damp and warm touch my cheek, and I turn back to face Bertie, our noses now slightly touching. His cheeks were cherry red, and I unregrettably close my eyes and allow his lips to carress my own.

God, he's a good kisser, were the only thoughts that were moving through my head. Every worry and logical thought just faded away with every second of this passionate kiss. It felt so wrong to be kissing Bertie, but it also felt so...right, somehow. He starts kissing my neck in search for my sweet spot, and as soon as he finds it, I'm reminded of PJ. He was the one who found it first, who actually made out with me first...

Is this what it feels like the second time you have sex with someone else? I wonder randomly as Bertie continues to caress my neck with his silky lips. I use all my weight to turn over on top of him, and Bertie just starts laughing to the point where we just both start laughing like crazy lunatics. I lay my head on his chest to hear his heart, and I feel his hands run up and down the top part of my back. I'm glad he didn't show signs of wanting to go further, not to mention knew that I was with PJ, otherwise this whole scenario would've turned out a lot differently. I scooch up where our noses are touching again, and I kiss Bertie rather than him kissing me. I then rest my head back on his chest, and I suddenly realize how tired I really am. I click on my phone: 12 AM. I put my phone away and yawn, and as if by instinct,  Bertie takes off his tan vest gently and wraps it around my shoulders. I tug at Bertie's red tie playfully as I slowly start to fall asleep to the thump of the bass and his heart beat.


"TIMES UP, MOTHER FUCKERS!" I jump up at Julie's yell across the room. I rub my eyes, and I can clearly tell that Julie is most likely drunk. I feel something get moved from underneath me and something warm lift me from the bed. I wrap my arms around what seems to be someone's neck, and I feel the thump of the bass continue to ring through out my body as I feel a rush of cold air from the outside world. I shiver, and I hear a voice call out.


I smile at Bertie's soothing voice, and I feel my body get shifted into the seat of a cab and pushed to the side slightly so Bertie could fit in the seat. I hear the door shut as he tells the driver to head out away from the party. I turn my head sleepily and open my eyes, and I see Bertie smiling happily. He turns his head towards me and takes my open hand in his own.

"Hey Bertie...where are we going?" I ask. Bertie scoots over and leans towards my ear, as if to whisper a secret he hadn't told anyone else before.

"To your death..." I hear PJ's voice whisper in place of Bertie's, and my eyes bolt open wide. I sit up and knock on the glass as hard as I can.

"STOP THE CAR!!!" I scream as Bertie tries to pin me against the car door, an evil grin slowly spreading on his once kind and loving face. "STOP THE GOD DAMN CAR!!!" The car screeches to a halt, and I see Bertie slam against the glass, blood now pouring out of open scars on his head. I see the cabbie turn around to face me, and I start screaming at the sight of his face...



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