I've been running all my life. Away from the horrid memories of the sacrifices my mother made to protect me, and to protect my name from this evil world we live in...
But everything's changed...
I've recently found out my mother was murdered by a psychopath; choosing the wrong pill in a game of chance that would give away her secret. That gave away my name.
That cost her her life...
I heard a man named Sherlock Holmes had solved my mother's case along with others who had fallen of the same fate. I must find him so I can warn him: for he does not know what he has gotten himself into...


36. Suffering For Long Enough

"Ugh...what am I gonna wear?" I say frustrated as I shuffle through my wardrobe one more time.

"I know honey, this is such a fashion crisis." My friend Tyler says with his cheeky American accent and luscious lavender hair through the Skype cam. "Why don't you wear that totally adorbs outfit you wore when I first met you?"

"Well...that was cute," I consider the cute kitty sweater I wore with that nice black skirt and black converse..."But PJ has already seen me in that. I want to wear something that will blow his expansively creative mind to the farthest corners of the universe..."

"Well, so far there's nothing that's blowing my mind...wait..." I hear Tyler gasp. "What about that one?" He says, now pointing towards my closet.

"Which one?"

"That cute blue one right there!" He practically shouts, signifying me of the curious light blue colored dress that I had never recalled seeing before. It had the print of a beautiful, clear blue sky, with wispy Cirrus clouds at the empire waist, and it was absolutely gorgeous. I rush to the bathroom to try it on, and when I come back out, Tyler practically screeches with joy. He helps me find suitable accessories and a tan trenchcoat to wear over it, hiding the beauty of the evening clothes completely.

"Girl, let me tell you, when you take off that coat you are going to be the center of attention. Make sure you stay with your man, alright?"

I chuckle a little at Tyler's comment. "Yes, I promise to stay with him; tonight and forever after." Tyler laughs at my romantically cheesy line and opens his mouth to comment, but the familiar ring of a doorbell catches us off guard. "Wish me luck. I'll talk to you later." I say before Tyler waves good-bye. I slam my laptop shut, put on my coat and shoes, and open the door, where a bouquet of white roses and an open hand for me to take are waiting for me.


We have a fantastic meal at a cute little Irish pub that PJ and I have started to hang out at recently, with Dan, Phil, Chris, Bertie, and Sophie. Sophie and I have actually bonded more than I thought we would; she's even had me model for her photography classes she's taking currently. "You just have such a photogenic structure," is what she said when she first asked me. And when I took my jacket off, well...everyone was at a loss for words. Well, except for Chris who just cracked, "Well, if the sky's the limit, I want to be there." We all laugh, and I catch Phil and Bertie blushing just a tad.

"Where's John and his girlfriend...Mary, isn't it?" PJ asks before taking a bite of Shepherd's Pie. "I thought they would be joining us." A wide smile lights up my face as I remember the big surprise John told me a few days before my birthday.


I recall that I had just gotten off my shift at the sandwich shop I work at, and then I saw John sitting at a table, calling me to sit with him.

"Rachel, I hate to say it but...I can't attend your birthday."

"But why?"

John took a deep breath.

"Well...I'm going to ask Mary a...special question,"

My face lit up with excitement. "What question?" I recall asking in a slightly sassy tone.

"...Well, to be my wife."


"You're kidding me..." PJ says. "He's finally making a move?" I chuckle a bit; I had always informed PJ about John and Mary's situation, and I almost convinced John that we could go on a double date.


Chris then rises from his seat and stands at the head of the table, holding his drink high in his hand. "To Rachel, for being now at the grand age of 17, and for John for finally gathering the courage to make a move." We laugh and all say "Cheers!" and clink our glasses together all around.

Finally, I think as I smile and quickly land a peck on Chris's cheek, something is right with the world.

Maybe this suffering really is ending.

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