Always mine

Angeline and her friend Emily went to NY for the summer. What will happen when Angeline fall for Harry and Harry for her? Will this love last? Will she end up been hurt in more ways than she could imagine


6. Worried


~the next morning~


I woke up and called harry but he didn't answer. I called him and texted him many times but still nothing. I got really worried so I decided to call Louis. "Hey Lou. Where's harry I've been calling him and texting him but he didn't answered" "Uhm... Angeline Harry is in the hospital" "what? Why? What happened?" "Well Uhm... He got stabbed" "no no no this isn't true is it?" "Actually this is the truth" "I'm coming" I hung up before he say anything else. I went to get changed. I wore my jeans , a t-shirt and my flip flops. "Where are you going. What happened?" asked Em "I have no time. Harry got stabbed he's in the hospital." "Wait i'll come with you"

We arrived at the hospital and went to ask for harry. There was a middle aged lady "where's Harry?" "Harry?"she asked "styles" "room 115 " thank you. We ran to his room and found the boys sitting on the chairs. I could tell that Louis was the most worried. "Li what happened?" "I'll tell you everything but please stay calm." "Ok" "yesterday we were coming back from the studio when someone came hit harry and stabbed him. Then he left. Everything happened so fast and Harry told us that he was someone Adam. We came to the hospital but he told us not to call you so as not to worry you. The doctor said that everything was going well. We left and Louis stayed with him the whole night but..." Then he stopped for a while. I was crying "but...?" He didn't answer "Niall what happened" he didn't answer either. "Louis tell me now what the hell happened with Harry" I shouted. "He had hemorrhage and now he is in surgery." "W-what?" And the last thing I remember is black... 

When I woke up I was in a white room. I turned around to find Emily looking at me "what happened Em?" "You passed out when you heard about Harry" "how's Harry?" I turned on my right to see all the boys around Harry. I got up and went next to him. He was in coma. I couldn't hold back my tears and I started crying. The boys and Em left us alone "Harry I know that you hear me. Harry I love you so much please wake up. I can't imagine my life without you. I know we are dating for only some days but you are everything to me. Please wake up. This is all my fault. Please wake up. Please." Started crying again. Then I felt it. He squeezed my hand and then he opened his eyes. "H-Harry?" "Angel. I love you too" I went to the doctor and he told that he had to have some examinations to see how he is. 

We were waiting outside the room and the doctor came and told us that everything's fine and hewing have other complication. We all went into his room and I ran to him and hugged him gently so as not to hurt him. He kissed me and then we made some space to sit on the bed. I refused but he insisted and I couldn't say no. We talked for a while and the doctor came and told us that he was going to be discharged in 4 days. 


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