Always mine

Angeline and her friend Emily went to NY for the summer. What will happen when Angeline fall for Harry and Harry for her? Will this love last? Will she end up been hurt in more ways than she could imagine


5. What a day!

I woke up with the smell of pancakes. I went downstairs to find a shirtless Harry making pancakes. I went and hugged him "morning beautiful" he told and turned around of face me "morning" I rubbed my eyes. "So I'm making pancakes. Go sit on the table and I'll come in 2 minutes. Juice or milk?" "Juice and thank you. Your really sweet." "Anything for you" 

"So what do you want to do today?" I asked after we finished eating and washed the dishes. "We have to record some songs today, but after that we can do everything you want." "Ok when wi you finish?" "We'll go there at 17:00 by I don't know when we finish. I'll call you when we finish." "Ok. Sooo.... We have plenty of time till 17:00." "You want to go out and show you the city?" "Sure. I'll go get ready and we can leave." 

I waited for her to get ready while I scrolled through twitter and Instagram when I heard her coming. I closed my phone and look at her. "Ready?" I asked with a smile "ready" she repeated. I intertwined my fingers with hers and left the house.
"Harreeh?" She asked "yeah babe?" "I'm hungry" "where do you want to go to eat?" "Nando's!!!" I laughed "Only if Niall was here" "will we go to nando's? I'm starving" "Ok let's go to nandos then"

When we went to nandos some fans came and asked Harry for autographs or photos. We sat on the table and ordered. "Harry are you sure you want fans to know about us?" "Yes. Why not?" "i don't know because of the ahte maybe" "look there's gona be hate that's for sure but Angel I really love you and i'm sure we cant work this out" WAIT. Did i just say the LOVE word? I hope it's not too early for her "I love you to Harry" YES! She said she loves me back!!! "I'll go to the restroom.I'll be back in a while" She gave me a soft kiss on the lips and left. I was so happy I couldn't hold back my smile


I went to the restroom and while I was washing my hands I heard someone coming in. I didn't pay much attention until that someone grabbed me from the neck. I tried to scream but he covered my mouth. I was so scared. I turned around and saw my ex-boyfried Adam "What the hell are you doing Adam" "What are you talking about? Can't I hug my girlfriend?" "I'm not your girlfriend Adam. Now leave" "I don't think so" And with that he started kissing me. i tried to sop me but he was much stronger than me and i couldn't. He continued kissing me on my lips, neck and collarbones. I didn;t know what to do so i kicked him on his sensitive spot hoping that it will hurt. Instead of hurting him he started laughing and continued kissing me. What a masochist! I started screaming when he out his hands under my t-shirt but none heard me.


I was worried. She was in the restroom for more that 15 minutes. I went to check on her when I found a guy kissing her and her trying to stop him. I grabed him from his shirt and pulled him away from Angeline. I started pounching him until he got scared and left. I went to Angeline and hugged her trying to confort her. She was crying on my chest "Babe everything's over don't cry please." "T-th-thank y-you I-I w-was s-so s-sc-scared" She told between sobs. I hugged her tighter and rubbed her back "Angel, I think we should go back home" "Yeah" We went to the car and drove bacn home. We didn't speak at all. I was so worried about her. Fortunately I was there on time and he didn't go any further. I noticed that she still had tears on her cheeks. When we went home we sat on the couch and she started crying on my chest "Harry?" She finally spoke "Yes beautiful" "That guy...I know him" "What? Who is he?" "He is my ex-boyfriend. I heven't told you about him but he... he..." "He what Angel?" "He was beating me up because he was jealous and when I tried to break up with him the things became worse.Then one night he wanted to... to have sex and I didn't so he was going to force me. That night I ran away and went to the police and he didn't bother me since then." "Oh my god babe I didn't know anything. I mean I knew you had some bad experince with relationship but not that much." "It's fine. Im just so scared that he may come back. Harry we need to do something. I don't know maybe go to the police again?" "Yes that's a good idea. You want to go now or tomorrow?" "Tomorrow. Let's watch some movies now"

We had already watched three movies when my phone rang. It was Louis "What the fuck are you doing Harry. We are waiting for you to come for half an hour" "Sorry mate I completely forgot about that. I'm coming" I hung up "Angel I have to go the boys are waiting for me at the studio. See ya later" I gave her a kiss and left

When Harry left after some minutes came Emily home "Hey Angeline how was your day with Harry?" "Well... not so good" "why? What happened?" She came and sat ext to me on the couch and I told her everything "that jerk" "I know. I'm so scared. I mean I really love harry and he loves me to and he is still so angry with me that he might do something and destroy our relationship. We thought that it would be better to go again to the police." "Yeah... It is the only thing we can do." 

The time passed quickly and it was already 22:30. Harry hadn't called me, weird. I mean he's gone for 7 hours. Maybe he was tired and forgot it. Anyway I was exhausted so I went to sleep 

LOUIS' P. O. V. 
We were leaving the studio when someone came and started to hit Harry. Then he stabbed him. Everything happened so fast I didn't even realize what happened. Harry was on the ground bleeding and I called the ambulance. I was going to call Angeline but Harry told me not to because she would be scared and it would be better to call her in the morning. He was so in pain and he only spoke because he didn't want Angeline to worry. 

The ambulance came and we were waiting on the hall for the doctor to come. When the doctor came we all sat up and went straight to him and asked him about Harry "His condition is stable. Fortunately he had no serious damage and the surgery went very well. He just needs some rest" "Can we see him?" "Sure" "we went into his room and find him staring at the air" "Haz?" Liam asked "hey guys" "how do you feel?" "I'm good" "Harry we called the police and they arrested him" "really? Thank you so much guys. Now Angel is save" "why do you know him?" He told us what happened and we were all shocked. After everything he did to Angeline now he stabbed harry. 

The other guys left and I stayed with Harry for the night. "You didn't call Angel, did you?" "No. I'll call her in the morning like you told me" "thanks mate" he must really love her because he was stabbed and still he was thinking about Angeline. "You want to talk to me about Angeline?" "What do you want me to tell you" "Harry you really love her don't you?" "More than everything else in my life. I could do anything for her. Lou I haven't feel that way for anyone before" "Well I think this relationship will last more that we all expect" "I hope. I thing I found my other half" we talked for a while until we fell asleep 

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