Always mine

Angeline and her friend Emily went to NY for the summer. What will happen when Angeline fall for Harry and Harry for her? Will this love last? Will she end up been hurt in more ways than she could imagine


8. The perfect night

~a week later~ 
This last week has gone very fast. They boys and Em would come around everyday. We spent time just me and Angeline and we became inseparable. At my last appointment doctor told me that I could go on with my life normally. I was so happy that everything was over. On the other hand Angeline was staying with me only until I was well which means that she would come back to her house. I don't want her to leave so I'm planning a romantic date to ask her to leave with me. 
We were watching TV  and I asked her about our date "Angel since I'm fine do you want to go out today?" "Sure!!!" " ok go get ready and when we're both ready we can go 

I was so happy that Harry was finally well but I didn't wan to leave. I know that we are neighbors and that we can see each other whenever we want but not like if we lived together. Anyway. I went to get ready. I took a shower and dried my hair but I couldn't decide which dress I should wear. I was between a dark blue one, a turquoise and a pink. "HAAAARRRRRY" I yelled. I heard him run to the room "yes ba-WOW be patient babe. Not now" he teased because I was only in a towel. I blushed because we hadn't had sex yet. I was still a virgin and I wanted him to be my first. "Haha very funny Harry. But seriously which one should I wear tonight?" "I like the pink color the blue." "So the blue or the pink one?" "Which is less revealing? I want you all for myself" I laughed "the turquoise" "then you'll wear the turquoise, it will show your beautiful eyes off" "ok thanks babe" "now I'm I done with the girlish stuff" "yep" 

Harry left and I wore the dress and put my make up on. I wore my heels, took my purse and went downstairs to find Harry in his blue jeans, white t-shirt and black jacket. He turned around "You look beautiful babe" "Thanks you don' t look bad yourself Styles" "So you ready to go?" "Sure" We walked to his car. He opened the door for me and went to his side. "Where are we going?" "Wait and you'll see" I sighed. I am not patient enough for surprises After about 15 minutes driving we arrived at a restaurant. We came in and Harry talked with the assistant "Styles" "Oh yes. Follow me please" I lookes at Harry excited, he laughed and held my waist. He guided us to a garden and there was only a table for two. "Harry it is very beautiful" "Anything for you" "I was thinking" Harry started "Well if you... uhm would like...I don't know stay with me, since Em and Lou like staying together and... yeah?" I laughed at the way he told me and he looked shocked "What?" "Nothing. It was just cute the way you told it" "So what do you think" "I think it is a great idea. I wanted to stay with you to but I wasn't sure if you wanted."

Once we ate we went and cuddled down at the grass, looking the stars "Angel I'm so lucky to have you. I couldn't imagine that I'd love someone so much and then you came in my life. Now All I care about is being with you forever." I couldn't hold back my smile "I love you to and you came into my life when I least expect it. I have finally discovered true love - you." He hugged me tighter and we stayed like this.

We went to the house after some hours. I changed into a Harry's t- shirt and shortsand went downstairs where harry was watching football on the TV only in sweatpants. I bit my lip and went to seat next to him. I wanted him so much. I turned over to face him running my fingers through his curls making him moan and roll his head back I giggled under my breath and continue play with his hair, it was so soft, his curls tickling my hand as I twirled them around my fingers

"Angel" Harry moan again because I ran my fingers through his hair again. He pulled my hand down and continued. "I'm trying to concentrate" he laughed whilst poking my arm." I sighed and waited for a while until I started kissing him. This time he didn't stop me. Instead he kissed me back. Maybe the math wasn't so interesting anymore. Hehe 

He kissed me from my lips to my neck and collarbone. I moaned when he kissed me behind my ear. I had my hands behind his neck playing with his hair and he had his on my waist. He leaned so he was on top of me on the couch. I could feel his bulge grow bigger and smiled. Now I was so turned on. He stood up and I wrapped my fingers around his torso. He carried me upstairs. When we were in the room he pushed me against the wall, letting his curls tickle my neck and his hot breath wash over my skin and pushed me down ont the bed. He lay on top of me and crashed his lips onto mine again. He slowly took my clothes of and started whispering dirty things. Before I knew it we were both naked "Angel are you sure? I mean if you don't it's ok want we can wait." "Yes I'm sure" "ok this might hurt a little" I just nodded and then he was inside me. It hurt a lot but it was soon pleasure. •••I'm not good at writing this things, but I guess you know what happened next••• once we finished I lay my head on Harry's chest and he had his hands around me "wow" was all I could tell "yes wow" he replied and laughed. And I fell asleep on his chest like this. 

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