Always mine

Angeline and her friend Emily went to NY for the summer. What will happen when Angeline fall for Harry and Harry for her? Will this love last? Will she end up been hurt in more ways than she could imagine


10. The beach


I wore my bikini and went to look my self at the mirror. I was too fat. The only thing that I liked on me was my eyes and my hair. But my body? I don't like it at all. Every year I feel so insecure to go out at the beach. I hadn't problems with my body until some new guys in our school who turned out to be the new bullies started picking on me and that's when I started feeling insecure. 

Suddenly I felt two strong arms around my waist. I knew it was harry and he started kissing me "you're perfect" I giggled. This is one more thing that I love about him. He will always compliment me no matter how awful I feel and I will always blush at his cheeky comments. "Go wear your swimsuit" "will you come help me get changed" he winked and I laughed "Harry no. Go get changed." I wore my shorts and a T-shirt and grabbed my back. After a while Harry was ready. "Go? The guys and Em will be waiting for us at Em and Lou's" "ok. Wait won't you wear a T-shirt?" "Nah" he grabbed my hand and we went and knocked in the next door Liam opened the door and as soon as Louis saw us he started talking. "Finally prince harry and princess Angeline decided to come" he said playfully and stood up and came to us with a serious face although we already knew that he wasn't that serious "I don't even want to know what you were doing guys and took you so long." I and Harry laughed "thank you for your very friendly comments Lou." I told ironically and he shot me a death glare. Then we a started laughing. Again. 

Once we finally arrived at the beach because it was the worst ride since we were 8 people in one car. How? Liam was driving, Zayn was sitting with Perrie on his lip on the passenger seat. And back we were I on Harry's lap, Emily on Louis' and Niall. Weird eh? Harry took my from my hand and we went to sit down I was tanning and everyone else was in the beach. Then I felt two strong arms carry me. "Harry what the... Let me down." "Not until you're in the water." He laughed and went closer to the water "  "Ahh harry" I yelled at him and then he threw me on the water. When I went to yell at him he kissed me before I could tell anything. "Sorry babe" he told with a fake face of sadness "I forgive you" I told him and kissed him back. 

 We were in the sea for a while and then I realized that I and Harry had separated from the others. He started kissing me, the he went to the neck, collarbone and then behind my ear, my weak spot and I giggled. I had my legs wrapped around his torso and I hugged him so tight. "Angel... Can't... Breathe" "oops sorry babe" I let to of him and looked him in the eyes. His eyes. Oh how I loved his eyes. "Nah. I liked it how close you were to me" he told and winked "you dirty minded boy" I laughed "I didn't mean it that way angel. You took it like that" he laughed too. Once we finished laughing our foreheads were touching. "I love you Angel, I really do, don't never forget that" now his voice had a more serious tone and i couldn't smile at his comment. Every time he complimented me or told that he loves me or kisses me i felt sparks on my stomach and I couldn't believe that all this was true. One month ago I would watch 1D on the TV or in magazines and fangirl over them and now they're like family to me"I love you too harry". He leaned in and kissed me. This kiss was different it was filled with love. 

We heard the sound of a camera and turn around to see Emily with her phone taking pictures of us "aww you're too cute.Smile" she told I hugged harry tighter and he kissed me on the cheek. Then Emily left us alone again. I went out the sea. Then when I as our harry grabbed me from my waist "Harry" "you're not going anywhere." "Really?" And with that i started running. Harry chased me and finally caught me "got ya" I laughed and turned around to kiss him "c'mon babe they will probably looking for us" he intertwined our fingers and walked back "hey guys you wanna play beach volley?" I shouted so us to hear me. 
... "So the teams are: first team Harry, Angeline, I and Niall and the second team Emily, Liam , Perrie and Zayn" Louis told and we started playing ...
"You cheaters. We should've won" Louis told  "I'm starting t honking that playing beach volley wasn't the best idea" "yup me too" Harry had his arm around my shoulders and we were watching them fighting. "Harry I'm tired can we go back?" "Sure babe. Hey guys we're leaving" told harry "ok guys have fun but not too much" Louis teased. 

We went back home "Harry I'll go take a shower, ok?" "I'll come too" he winked "no you won't" "c'mon babe please" he made a puppy dog face. I couldn't say no so I gave up "fine" "yay". We went to the bathroom and we took our clothes of. I feel so insecure being naked around Harry. We went in the shower and he hugged me. He took the shampoo and started washing my hair so gently. He was looking me deadly in the eyes and I couldn't do anything but blush. I could see in his eyes that he truly loved me and I couldn't be happier. He came closer and whispered in my ear "I lved how I can make you blush babe. Your so cute" I giggled "ok now it's my turn" I washed his hair but he decided to destruct me every now and then by kissing me or hugging me or even trying to tickle me "if you do anything to distract me again this is the last time we take a shower together" "ok I won't do it again" 

We finished showering and harry helped me out. He wrapped a towel around me as I wrapped a towel around him. I turned to look at the mirror and brush my hair but harry took the comb and started brushing it. He tried not to hurt me "you're too cute" i told as I turned around and touched his dimple that was formed from his huge smile. "And all thanks to you" "I bet you have taken a shower with other girls before" CRAP. Why did I have to ruin the moment. "Yeah but not this way" he looked down "sorry I didn't mean it like that" I was so embarrassed. I ruined a perfect moment "It's ok. I understand" 

I didn't want Angeline to believe that she is just another girl for me. She is everything to me and I can't imagine my life without her. But she was right.When we went back to the room and she turned around to kiss me. I was caught of guard but I kissed her back. Soon the kiss became more passionate. She let her towel fall from her body and unwrapped my towel around me. I lay her on the bed and I can tell that it was the best night of my life so far. 

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