Always mine

Angeline and her friend Emily went to NY for the summer. What will happen when Angeline fall for Harry and Harry for her? Will this love last? Will she end up been hurt in more ways than she could imagine


9. Hate

We were sitting on the couch. You know just laughing and messing around. Harry had his arm around my shoulder and Louis had his arm around Em's shoulder "Guys haven't you seem the news." Louis asked "No Lou why?" Harry told. The didn't tell anything. Emily opened the TV and on the news was a picture of me and Harry holding hands. 

"Famous heartthrob Harry Styles was seen with another pretty girl walking hands in hands. What's going on between them? Are they the new couple? Maybe another hook-up for him? Another girl that had the chance to meet Harry Styles in his bedroom? We'll see soon" 

"What?" Harry yelled as Louis switched the TV off "what the...?" He stood up and ran his fingers through his hair. I stood up too and held his arm "Harry it's ok calm down." "How can I calm down. Look what they tell about you" "Harry they don't know. Soon they'll understand that they are wrong." He sighed and sat down "so we'll go out guys. We'll be back soon ok? Bye" I gave Harry a kiss and headed to the door. "Angel?" "Yeah?" "Be careful. I mean with the paps" "I'll be fine Harry don't worry" and with that we left.

The rest of the day was perfect. I had missed her so much. With Harry's incident we hadn't seen each other a lot "I missed you bestie" I told as I wrapped my arms around her "haha I missed you too. Although I don't think I could stand two crazy people around me" "what?" I asked taking the what-do-you-mean-gurl look "I'm kidding." "Ok" 

Fortunately there were not paps. Only some girls who came and asked us if we where Louis' and Harry's girlfriends and took a photographer. But that calmness was soon destroyed by the paps. All of a sudden they came and started taking photos of us. They yelled our names but we didn't pay attention. But they started become more and more and some fans that were yelling had things. I couldn't focus to what they where saying but I heard some of them were about me. 

We finally went home. When I went in I wasn't in the best mood. I didn't want to tell him anything. So she i came in and he asked me how was my day I just said very good and went to the bedroom. I changed into my pjs and fell in the bed covering my body with the duvet. The fans' words kept playing on my mind 'Angeline you don't deserve Harry' 'Do you think that you are different. Sooner or later he'll dump you.' But the worst of it all was that someone told me that I was using him for the fame.

This really hurt. I loved harry so much. If I could do something to be with him and none knowing me I would, but I can't. How can someone be so mean. But I won't tell anything to Harry. I can't. He will get upset and I hate seeing him upset. The only thing I want to see in his smile and his beautiful green eyes that shine when he smiled. I heard the door open and I closed my eyes and pretend to sleep. Harry lay gently next to me trying not to wake me up. He kissed me "goodnight babe. I love you" I tried to hold back my smile and he wrapped his arms around me. 

By the time I saw Angeline I knew something was wrong. I decided to asks her in the morning and let her relax. When she went upstairs after a while u went to sleep. I found her sleeping so I lay on the bed quietly so as not to wake her up. I wrapped my arms around her. I could never get enough of her. She isn't perfect. She has her bad days. But that's what makes her perfect to me 

~the next morning~

I woke up and went to make us breakfast. I was making breakfast when I heard footsteps and turn around to see Angel walking down the stairs yawning and her hair a completely mess. But she was still beautiful "morning beautiful" "morning babe" she said and sat on the table. 
When I made the breakfast I went and sat next to her. "Angel what do you have?" "nothing everything is great." She lied. She was obviously upset about something and she wasn't very good at hiding it "no you're not. I can't see it in your eyes" she let a sigh "Harry it's just the fans are too mean to me. Yesterday some of them told me that I don't deserve you, that I use you for the fame and that you'll soon dump me for someone better" in this point she was crying. I hugged her and rubbed her back. It was killing me to see her like that but at that moment I couldn't do anything else"Angel how about we call the boys and Em and go to the beach?" She loved beach. This must take her mind off. "Yey" she told like a little kid and went upstairs. 
I called the guys and ask them if they wanted to and thu all agreed. Perrie will come to so she could meet Angeline. I went to the bedroom to change. And then I saw Angeline looking at the mirror. She doesn't seem to be happy with what she was seeing. And that's weird because she is genuine beautiful. She slid her hand down her body. She had a perfect body. She isn't too thin but she isn't fat either. Her curves were my favorite part of it. I walked slowly behind her and hugged her. I kissed her on the neck and she giggled "your perfect" I told between the kisses. 

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