Always mine

Angeline and her friend Emily went to NY for the summer. What will happen when Angeline fall for Harry and Harry for her? Will this love last? Will she end up been hurt in more ways than she could imagine


11. Before the Concert


The next morning when I woke up it was already 11:00 and today was our concert. I smiled at the memories of last night. I looked at Angeline who was still sleeping peaceful on my chest. I took my phone and tool a picture of us to where I kissed her cheek while she was asleep. I stroke her hair wondering if I should wake her up or no. 

I heard a knock at the door and stood up carefully and headed to go to open the door when unrealized I was naked. I grabbed my underwear and sweatpants an went to open the door. "Hey Harry" all the boys came inside before I tell anything. "Hi guys what are you doing here. And talk lower angel is still sleeping" "oh indeed you had fun last night" Louis told "oh shut up Lou" "we missed you mate" Liam told "ok what do you want" "nothing just wanted to ask you if you'll bring Angeline tonight to our concert. I mean we will bring out girlfriend. I'll bring Em and Zayn Perrie" told Louis "oh ok I'll bring Angeline too" 

I woke up and I didn't found harry. I heard some voices from downstairs. I realized I was naked from last night and I started smiling like an idiot. I got dressed and headed downstairs. I heard the boys talking "ok I'll bring Angeline too" told harry "good. How are you doing with Angeline" Niall asked "perfect. I still can't believe I found her" I smiled and went downstairs trying not to show that I heard their conversation" "hey guys" I went to seat next to Harry on the couch and gave him a peck on the lips "morning babe" "morning angel" "I'm hungry" "I'll make you some breakfast" he stood up and wet to the kitchen "WOW" told Niall when he left "He've never made breakfast for me" "I have my ways" "sure you have" told Zayn and I punched him playfully on the arm. We talked for a while and they told me about the concert tonight. I was excited. While we were talking I caught Liam staring at me with a weird look and I can tell I felt a little uncomfortable. 

I just ignored it and went on with the conversation. After about two hours the guys left and I stayed with Emily who had already come. I was so happy that Harry invited me to their concert. Even as a fan I wasn't able to go to their concert. I had bought tickets once but I was I'll and my parents wouldn't let me. Anyway  "Em what should I wear" "I don't know. We'll see later but for now c'mon here I wanna tell you something" "what is it?" "Well I accidentally heard Louis talking on the phone with Harry about a surprise" "surprise? What surprise?" Ok now I am excited, nervous and confused at the same time. "I don't know and I can see that you don't know either" "no I don't" "let's change the subject. I see you're very happy with Harry." "Yes I am and you're with Louis too right" yes. He's so cute. Really if you had told me two months ago that Louis was so cute in a relationship I would have burst out laughing but now I feel so lucky to have him" "awww so cute." We stayed in silence for a while. And I started thinking that when we were young we would talk about our first time and I don't now if it is right to ask her. I don't want to be indiscreet 

"Earth calls Angeline" I saw Em waving her hands in front of my face. "Yeah...?" I told " what were you thinking. Oh wait you were thinking about our conversation we had younger about our first time don't you" this girl knows me too well "how did you know ?" "Angeline we are best friends since forever. I can tell what you thinking. Anyway I was thinking about his too earlier" "oh... So have you and Louis ... er...had...ehm..." "Yes and I'm so thankful that he was my first. What about you?" "Well he have done it to" ok now my cheeks must be red. "Hahaha your cheeks are red hahaha" told Em between laughter "I know" "I'm hungry" she told taking her serious face. "What do you want." "Do you have watermelon" "are you kidding we always have watermelon it's my favorite duh" "that's why I asked"

We ate and watched some movies and talked. I looked at the time and it was 19:00 and we were supposed to go to their concert at 20:00 "shit. Em we have only an hour to get ready "oh... Let's go get ready what should we were?" "I don't know. Something casual I think?" "Maybe" we both decided to dress casual. We went to my closet and picked our clothes since we were the same size she wore some of my clothes. I wore white sorts with a sleeveless light pink t-shirt and my white converse and Em chose black shorts with a whit t shirt and a black leather jacket and her black toms. I decide to take a jacket to in case it was cold outside although it was summer so I took a brown one. As for our make up we decided something more natural. I put on just some mascara and eyeliner and a bright pink gloss. The time was already 19:55 and we had a ten minute drive so we took quickly our phones and keys and find a cub.  to go to the arena were the concert was. We gave the address to the driver. When we finally writes we rushed to find Paul "hey Paul. Can we come in?" Fortunately he had meet us before so we hadn't problem with that "sure girls come in" "thanks" we were looking around for some minutes but we didn't know were the dressing room was. Suddenly Louis came and closed Em's eyes " guess who" "Em I don't know Louis" "Ah your good" he kissed him and hugged. I stood there awkwardly watching them. I decide to remind them that I was watching "ehm *cough cough* guys I'm here?" "Oh yes sorry c'mon Angeline Harry is in the dressing room"

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