Always mine

Angeline and her friend Emily went to NY for the summer. What will happen when Angeline fall for Harry and Harry for her? Will this love last? Will she end up been hurt in more ways than she could imagine


7. Back home

~4 days after~ 
Harry was finally discharged and I couldn't be happier. He needed rest though and I decided to stay with him and take care of him. We went in his house and he went and sat on the couch. "How I missed my house" I laughed and went and sat next to him " you know Angel when I was in coma and you were talking to me I could hear you" "really?" "Yes! And I wanted to tell you all these days that this isn't your fault. It just that he is such an asshole that he couldn't understand that you don't love him." I looked down because  he was so sweet but I still believed that this is my fault. He lifted my chin up to face him. "And you are everything to me too. You are my whole life" now I looked down be caused i started blushing. "You're so cute Angel" He laughed and hugged me. 

I find it so cute how I can make her blush so easily. I laughed at her cuteness. How can I be so lucky. Who would've guessed that some weeks ago I would meet Angeline, the love of my life. It is crazy how someone's life can change so quickly. 

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