Always mine

Angeline and her friend Emily went to NY for the summer. What will happen when Angeline fall for Harry and Harry for her? Will this love last? Will she end up been hurt in more ways than she could imagine


2. America here we come

'America here we come' i told to my self as I and  Emily, went out of the airport breathing the air of NYC. We came here for the summer as a gift from my aunt for my 17th birthday. My aunt had had a house in New York and gave it to me and Emily to stay for the summer. I was so excited that I would live with my best friend for all the summer. We had already plan everything. 

We didn't exactly know were the house was so we called a cab, gave the driver the address and he drove as to our house. When we arrived I looked up surprised. It was a house with a big garden and pool. ''OH. MY. GOD.''  I told as we were walking inside. "Em this is perfect. Look at our closets! I can't believe this is my aunt's house."We walked around the house and I found a note 
'Dear Angeline,
I have a feeling that this will be the best summer of your life. I'm so happy for you. On the left  self in the kitchen I have my gold card that you can use all the summer. Buy whatever you want. Call me to let me know everything's fine. 
Love, auntie Sophie' I screamed from what I read to the letter and run to the kitchen to take the gold card. 

''What?'' Emily told ''Apart from that house, we have also a credit card we can use''. I told as I showed her the card. "Really?" "Yeah!" "How awesome your aunt is?" I laughed and ran back to my bedroom unpacked my suitcases and ran again downstairs to find Emily looking around the house like an idiot. "Hey Em" "yeah?" "We need to buy some food." "Ok. Let's buy." "I need to call my aunt first" "I'll go to buy some food and you call your aunt" "ok" 

I sat on the couch and called her. I waited for a while until she answered. "Hey sweetie" "Hi aunty. I can't believe you did all this for us. Everything's perfect. Thank you sooo much." "I'm glad you liked it." "Like it? We loved it." "Hahaha. Anyway I have some work here so I'll call you later." "Ok bye!" "Bye. I'll call you later"


Emily's P. O. V. 

When I finished shopping I went back to the house. I was on the door searching for my keys in my bag when I heard a voice behind me. "Hey" I turned around and saw the one and only.......LOUIS TOMLINSON. "Uhm... Hey?" I told, trying not to fangirl. "Do you live here?" He said pointing the house "Yeah. I'm living with my friend Angeline" "oh... Well I and Harry are your new neighbors 

WHAT? Does he mean Harry as Harry Styles  "Harry?" "Oh yeah. I'm Louis Tomlinson from One Direction and with Harry I mean Harry Styles" "Wow!!!" "Do you want to come for dinner you and your friend later tonight so we could meet better? There will also be Niall, Liam and Zayn" "yes of course" "ok see ya later" "see ya" and with that he was left. 

I can't believe Harry and Louis for One Direction are our neighbors. I have to tell to Angeline. No. Wait. Maybe this would be a good surprise. When I finally went into the house I saw Angeline sitting on the couch watching TV "hey. I'm back." "Finally. I'm starving. What took you so long to bring the food" "sit to eat and I'll tell you" "ok" "so I met our new neighbors. Well actually one of them." "Oh. Is he nice?" "Yeah. He lives with a friend of his and he wanted to go to their house for dinner. You know to get to know each other better." "Of course. Since we will be staying here for two months we should meet our neighbors. What time?" "Around eightish" "ok"

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