Sleeping Beauty

Bianca has been in the hospital for over 2 weeks.
She gets a taste of the afterlife.


3. Hell



I felt really warm. I felt super hot. I looked in a room full of mirrors. But the person looking at me wasn't me. It was a evil demon taking place as me. My blonde hair was no longer blonde. It was devilishly black. My eyes were red. My outfit was a black tank-top and red shorts. I had on no socks or shoes. Demons reached to touch me and hold me. They wanted to feel life. They wanted to feel my warm flesh. All they wanted was my skin. They pulled and tugged my hair. They pulled on my shirt and shorts. They yanked at my ankles. I realized I was walked on decomposing bodies and bones. I screamed and saw a tall and skinny figure that was lit on fire. I gasped for air. Hot sweat broke on my forehead. 

"Welcome to Hell Bianca." He said. 

I screamed again and saw a wall of fire form around me. I fell backwards as the demonic people chased me into the fire wall. I could feel them touching me.

I was burning in hell. Literally. 


I woke up to hot sweat dripping from my forehead. My shirt was soaked and my feet were hot. I got up just to feel the cold hospital floor. 


I had visited hell.

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