Bad Luck Bieber

Justin never thought this would happen to him. He loved his sister how could this happen? Justin was looking after his sister Jasmyn while his parents are on vacation. When they went to the park and Jasmyn went to the playground and never comes back. The kidnapper sends him notes and Justin travels all over the world to find her. Will he find her before his parents come back? Read to find out!


4. note

I woke up again. Same bedroom wasnt a dream. Man!" whats this?" she asked as she picked the note." thats what the kidnapper sent me he said he said he would send me riddles but he never did.""there's a back." she said." there is?""ya" she showed it to me. It said:

Here's you're first riddle:

We are now in a place were you were born in a place were you and your friends use to play. A place were you would hide if you played hide and seek all day.

"Let's go to Canada I dont know what the other thing is but I do know were I was born.""I'll get us plane tickets""us?""you dont think I would let you do this alone. I'm going to help""fine" I said. I got out of the bed with a little bit of a headache from fainting twice. I feel back down I felt dizzy again. She sat next to me." I understand this happened to me before."what?" I asked." Just get some rest I'll tell you later.""But I want to hear-" but before I could finish I fell asleep.

                                                              the girl's POV

I knew he was tired. Now so you guys will no longer reconize me as the girl I will tell you my name. It's Allison. Allison Perry. I'm 18 so I always thought I was old enough for Justin Bieber. But I never thought I would meet him! I'll at some point tell Justin my name maybe on the plane. I love riddles so that's why I wanted to help. Since you are awake while reading this I will tell you my story.(about the kidnapping) it all started one morning.

                                         the story

me and my brother were watching spongebob when I got up to get a snack. When I got back he wasnt there. I thought he's probably in the bathroom. I waited for him for hours. When he didn't come back I got up and ran all over and called his name. When I was done I noticed a note. It said the same thing as Justin's except it said brother not sister.

                                                    The girl's POV

I know it's not as great as Justin's but there's one catch. I never got him back. He died because I didn't find him before a year. That's why I want to help Justin because I don't want his sister to die like my brother. Now that's my story. Well um back to the story.

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