Bad Luck Bieber

Justin never thought this would happen to him. He loved his sister how could this happen? Justin was looking after his sister Jasmyn while his parents are on vacation. When they went to the park and Jasmyn went to the playground and never comes back. The kidnapper sends him notes and Justin travels all over the world to find her. Will he find her before his parents come back? Read to find out!


3. help

Justins POV

I fell to my knees the world was spinning around me. All of a sudden a girl was above me. "are you ok-k-k" her voice echoed in my brain( like in the movies when they go crazy)."uh" I said. I put my head down and puked." oh my gosh-gosh -gosh" I passed out.


I woke up in a bedroom. There are posters of me all over the walls. There was a girl above me." Oh you're awake!" she said. She is wearing a puffy dress that said JB on the top. She was on her phone. She put her phone down andd said."Oh and by the way you were screaming Jazmyn in your sleep."" wha?" I said. Then I remembered what happened. " I need to find my sister!" I screamed. " I'll help you." she said. I caught a glimpse of her phone. It had me and Jazmyn on it. It showed what happened before we went to the park."what the-" I said but before I could finish she grabbed her phone and hid it behind her back." nothing!" she said."what is that""well um I kind of stalk you." and with that I fainted again.

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