Bad Luck Bieber

Justin never thought this would happen to him. He loved his sister how could this happen? Justin was looking after his sister Jasmyn while his parents are on vacation. When they went to the park and Jasmyn went to the playground and never comes back. The kidnapper sends him notes and Justin travels all over the world to find her. Will he find her before his parents come back? Read to find out!


5. Canada

                                                                              *Justin's POV*

I woke up with a headache and on a plane?"how did I get on a plane?" I asked the girl."you're not that heavy you know." She said. I started to notice she has a british accent. This time she was wearing sunglasses,ripped pants and a JB shirt. " I never introduced myself. I'm Allison Perry I'm from London.""If you're from London then how do you know me?"'everyone nows you because you're famous."'passengers gather you're belongings we have landed in Canada." said the captin over the intercom. We didn't have anything so we just walked of the plane with everybody looking at us. A place where me and my friends used to play. A place where I would hide if we played hide and seek all day. I thought. What could it be I don't remember much about my childhood. "Lets go to my old house I bet it's there." We stole a car and drove to my old house. When we got there Allison said"so do you remember yet?""no"  I started to have a daydream.

                                                                       *the daydream*

"bye mom where going to play.""ok have fun." I walked out with my friends.


"one two three" I heard my friend count I started to run towards a shed

                                                                                        *Justin's POV*

"I know where she is!!" I screamed.

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