Bad Luck Bieber

Justin never thought this would happen to him. He loved his sister how could this happen? Justin was looking after his sister Jasmyn while his parents are on vacation. When they went to the park and Jasmyn went to the playground and never comes back. The kidnapper sends him notes and Justin travels all over the world to find her. Will he find her before his parents come back? Read to find out!


2. bye

"Justy I'm going to the playground."said Jasmyn'k Jasy go have fun" said Justin while eatina a big mac on a bench. Good idea going to Mcdonalds before the park. I felt my eyes getting heavy. I fell asleep.

Jasmyns POV

I looked at Justin and he was asleep. He's supposed to be watching me! Bad big brother! Oh well I'm a big girl I can take care of myself. I feel like I'm being watched. All of a sudden I was being dragged."JUSTY!!!!!" I screamed. Then I remembered he was asleep. A hand covered my mouth. They Dragged me away. Then I saw them put something on Justin's lap and drag me to his car.

Justin's POV

I woke up. I have a weird feeling in my stomach.  I ran to get Jasmyn. " Jasmyn it's time to go home!" no answer. "JASMYN where are you?" no answer."JASMYN!" I screamed. no answer."I'm not playing games Jasmyn!" I screamed as I ran around the playground. All of a sudden I noticed a note stuck where you would never want a note stuck. I looked at it it said:

We have your sister if you want her back come and get her youll have to solve riddles to get her back you only have a year after that we kill you ready for the challange? You better be.

We? I have to find her before something bad happens.












































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