Lucid Nightmare

The story is About a women who doesn't realise if she is in a dream or real life, there, is voices, gore, torture, love, misery and even make skin crawl makes you believe its all real and you start to think about reality and your life. she has to find a away out and doesn't know what is going to happen next does she stay in this terrifying nightmare if it its a nightmare at all, strange people turn up in this other universe who she finds out the women is her mother and she has her own dark secrets you will find out later on that she is the main reason the women is there. later on you meet the nasty warlord who enjoyed ripping people apart and torturing Mary from new York city, why is this happening read and find out how the story ends


6. The tower in the fog

Still wondering around on this slimed floor not seeing where I was or where I was going all I could see was pitch black.                                                Thick  fog started in the air still holding myself not knowing where the weird women went and not really caring she was insane jump of a cliff it will save u yeh right thinking to myself suddenly i stubbled over a sharp rock landing face first is dirty muddy floor.                         I looked up starting give up on walking and accept that I was going die I cried and cried screaming and screaming and all I can hear was my own echo.                           I looked up again I noticed  the fog was lifting and beyond my eye sight I could see a tall dark tower with no lights no windows nothing but dead plants like its been abandoned for years.                     I start get up with the little bit of  strength I had left and started walking towards it thinking I can rest up there anywhere was better than the darkness.

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