Lucid Nightmare

The story is About a women who doesn't realise if she is in a dream or real life, there, is voices, gore, torture, love, misery and even make skin crawl makes you believe its all real and you start to think about reality and your life. she has to find a away out and doesn't know what is going to happen next does she stay in this terrifying nightmare if it its a nightmare at all, strange people turn up in this other universe who she finds out the women is her mother and she has her own dark secrets you will find out later on that she is the main reason the women is there. later on you meet the nasty warlord who enjoyed ripping people apart and torturing Mary from new York city, why is this happening read and find out how the story ends


5. Mysery women

The mysterious woman came to a sudden stop, she turned to me , eyes blazing  hot white and I felt a deep dark understanding of this woman, who bared great resemblance to my dearly departed mother she knew something.

She knew why I was here. I reached out to her, craving her knowledge and she beckoned to me, her scrawny finger wiggling at me with her blackened nails covered in grime and slime you could see her knuckles she was that bony like a skeleton they use in a science lab. 


I decided to followed her as she walked, almost

floating down the cliff edge wondering to myself who the hell she was maybe a ghost I kept wondering to myself.

She whispered, a voice like nails on a chalk board. The chill ran down my spine 'The answer lies at the bottom of this cliff jump and all will be revealed" the wicked woman said.

I decided to follow even though my heart was telling me not to trust her,I stepped towards the endless chasm filled with hate tread, blackness and sorrow, I took my first step towards her gasping for my every breath as I took one more step forward.

I closed my eyes as took my last final step I took a big gulp of air as I stepped off the chasm.

"aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa" as I started to fall towards the bottom of the darkened hole below my very feet.


I landed into a incrusted, tortured, bony body filled with slime ,dry blood and maggots covering the face of the dead man I saw below me.

 I was  trying to crawl out of the  grave I was laying beyond crying at every step I took on the infested,  scary looking human body hurrying out of the hole in the ground uncovering myself of the maggots and the stench of the rotten skeleton.

I eventually managed to unslime and debug myself and my bloody, sweaty clothes, as my heart was beating as fast as hell, I looked up whipping  the tears and dirt of my face I thought what next how do I get of  this.


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