Lucid Nightmare

The story is About a women who doesn't realise if she is in a dream or real life, there, is voices, gore, torture, love, misery and even make skin crawl makes you believe its all real and you start to think about reality and your life. she has to find a away out and doesn't know what is going to happen next does she stay in this terrifying nightmare if it its a nightmare at all, strange people turn up in this other universe who she finds out the women is her mother and she has her own dark secrets you will find out later on that she is the main reason the women is there. later on you meet the nasty warlord who enjoyed ripping people apart and torturing Mary from new York city, why is this happening read and find out how the story ends


2. My Life story

My name is Mary Jane Smith I am seventeen years old I grew up in New York city all my life.
I have lived with my father David since my mother died of cancer when I was only four years old I hardly remember what she looks like and my father don't talk about her much since she passed away.
I am five foot six, long black hair and crystal blue eyes.
My friends always called me the big friendly giant mainly because I was the tallest girl in my class with a big heart.

I always tried to help other people less lucky than myself my father always hated that we always argued about all the silly stuff sometimes I wished I was never born.

Now am stuck running like hell to get back home now I regretted every moment I spend arguing with my father not realising my life would get any worse ha ha well I guess I was wrong to make that judgement.

I start to wake up not realising I fell asleep 'How did I fall asleep, I said not remembering anything that just happened 'Am I home I cant be I don't recognise the place .
'what is that stench it smells like rotten meat expired years ago' I questioned.

I looked around and I saw pools of blood way to much to be mine I started to panic.

I stood up and looked around while holding my arms around myself to keep myself steady all I saw was piles of dead bodies all slashed and torn into millions of pieces.

Most of them had heads missing I noticed most of them where women I start to feel more frightened as I walked across the stacks of cadavers.

Arms and legs all over the place heads split into two like they been sliced apart eye ball out of their sockets with blood covering them ' I got to get out of here! before it happens to me I should go look for help or that poor lady who needed someone to rescue her.

I stood still shaking thinking what am I doing I cant possibly help her I cant even help myself I cant survive this I got to run away while I can.
Snap out of it Mary I kept saying in my terrorised mind I have to go help her because no one else will.

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