Lucid Nightmare

The story is About a women who doesn't realise if she is in a dream or real life, there, is voices, gore, torture, love, misery and even make skin crawl makes you believe its all real and you start to think about reality and your life. she has to find a away out and doesn't know what is going to happen next does she stay in this terrifying nightmare if it its a nightmare at all, strange people turn up in this other universe who she finds out the women is her mother and she has her own dark secrets you will find out later on that she is the main reason the women is there. later on you meet the nasty warlord who enjoyed ripping people apart and torturing Mary from new York city, why is this happening read and find out how the story ends


3. I'll get there

I finally found the way out of the piles of dead women and men  I could finally breath clear air what lifted the horrible smells of infested, warm, diced human parts all swished and sliced.

I was glad to get out of the dumping sight not knowing who put them there in the first place or why I don't really what to find out either.

I kept walking on the rough, pointy, slimy floor not realising I was walking over wet, muddy stones on the very ground I stood apron.

My blood on my arms  where all dry and incrusted from the hours of wandering, like a cowboy in the  desert without any water and clean clothes.

I reached the end of a cliff I looked down at the endless bottom of the chasm spiked rocks all over the place, where the fuck do I go now I cant go back though the grave site and slim and there is no way forward I thought to myself.

I sat down for a few minute to take of what was left of  my old, dirty shoes  covered in water from the amount of painful drudging I done for hours on end.

I feel so hungry as I haven't eaten for over 8 hours my body is shaking of the thought  of  food , I looked around mouth drawling from starvation I could do with a roast chicken, with fresh potatoes what my dad did every weekend.

 oh god I hate this stupid head just the idea is making me want it even more starving

I  get back up and start to look for anything to eat or drink not thinking if there actually be anything like that in this corrupt  world I got myself into.     


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