Lucid Nightmare

The story is About a women who doesn't realise if she is in a dream or real life, there, is voices, gore, torture, love, misery and even make skin crawl makes you believe its all real and you start to think about reality and your life. she has to find a away out and doesn't know what is going to happen next does she stay in this terrifying nightmare if it its a nightmare at all, strange people turn up in this other universe who she finds out the women is her mother and she has her own dark secrets you will find out later on that she is the main reason the women is there. later on you meet the nasty warlord who enjoyed ripping people apart and torturing Mary from new York city, why is this happening read and find out how the story ends


4. Eventually

I Stubble around in a daze for several hours, hunger gnawing at every step I take suddenly I caught a faint aroma of something delicious it made my mouth drool so much it trailed down my sweaty, bloody legs and feet.

I could hardly believe my very eyes standing before me was a grand dinning table strangling with sumptuous foods, my starving brain gave out a primal scream of joy.

I eagerly lunged forward toward the piles of various sensations.

I sat down on the old, wooden, rotten chair not caring about the moulded on the seat, I started to grab as much food as I could handle in my hands, shoving handfuls at a time into my mouth.

After ten minutes I sat back onto my chair, rather bloated and satiated I began to doze of not caring about my surroundings.

I Startled awake when I thought I heard soft laughter into my ear and  cold breath on my neck what made my skin tingle.

I stared aghast at the sight before me. the food on the table was rotten and infested with maggots and flies not to mention the various insects invention I could not name I didn't even want to try .

I can already feel the bile rising in my throat I fought back the urge to vomit at the idea of what I have eaten.

once I calmed down a little I notice the seat across the table from me now had a occupant.
The dark shadow of the person upon my eye sight seemed very familiar.

The sent of roses beamed from her  body and it reminded me of a childhood memory of me and mother before she past away who is this person staring so blank and sinister.

The woman got up and shook her hands towards me trying to communicate with me I didn't know what she was trying to say but she seemed to wanted me to follow her.

After all the crap I been though I didn't think it would do me any harm.

what the hell I got up onto my swollen feet to follow her not knowing if I could trust her or where we was going all I knew is I wanted to find a escape route as soon as possible.


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