Love Triangle.........Plus Two

Hey guys my name is Niam and I was bored so i thought I could right a bio sorta thing but adding 1D so yeah please read and im not really giving you any hints yet.


16. Truth or Dare

Lyssa's POV~ Niam seems like a nice girl. "Omgeee!!!! Her name is Niall and Liam's ship name!!!"  I scream. She starts to tear up a little bit. "What's wrong?" I ask confused. Grace pulls me, Liliy, and Taylor into the kitchen. "Girls i frogot to tell you that her only bff died a year ago and almost everything reminds her of her friend, so what you just said about her name reminded her of her friend cause Niall was her favorite got it!!" she whispers. My chin drops to the floor. I run over to Niam on the couch and hug her. "Im so so sorry Niam!!!" I say as i try comforting her. "I didnt know love, im sorry." I tell her. "Its okay, Im just a wimp." she stutters and whimpers. "No your not Niam i say your pretty strong saying that you got through all of that on your own." I reply shocked she could say that. "Can we just play Truth or Dare now?" she stutters. "Sure love." i say with a slight smile. We all sit in a circle on the floor. "Who's first!?" i scream. "Me!!!!!" Liliy screams.

Niam's POV~ wow these girls scream alot!!! "Niam Truth or Dare!?" Liliy asks. "Hmmm Dare?" I say uneasy. "I Dare you to go to a One Direction concert with us!!!" she screams and pulls out six front row tickets. "OMGEEE!!!!!" Grace, Taylor and Lyssa scream. They all jump up and do a happy dance. Im too shocked to speak. "I dont know if i want to go." i whisper. They all stop dancing and look at me. "WHAT!?" They scream. "Its just i dont really know you and I dont think I can." I wishper shyly. "Please Niam!?" they beg. "Ugh fine!!"  I honestly dont want to fight with them."YAY!!!" they scream and do their happy dance again. "Oh well might as well join." I whisper too my self and join them dancing around the room. Mabye this could work after all.

UnKnown Narator's POV~ But little did Niam know was that things for her just got extremly complicated.

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