Love Triangle.........Plus Two

Hey guys my name is Niam and I was bored so i thought I could right a bio sorta thing but adding 1D so yeah please read and im not really giving you any hints yet.


13. Niam Present time age 17

Niam's POV~ I never realised how much i needed Julia. I never realised how much she meant to me how much i depended on her. Now she is gone. Gone..... But you know what they say everything happenes for a reason, So i have to learn to forgive and forget. If that plans fails well i guess i will just embrace my pain. Im walking to the super market when i bump into a girl with brown curly hair. Im instantly reminded of Julia. I feel tears run down my cheecks and i turn to run away. "Are you okay?" the girl asks before i could go anywhere."y-yeah yeah fine." i stutter and look at the ground. "Omg no your not you have a big bruise on the side of your head! Come with me!!" she says and grabs my arm. She pulls me to an apartment and sits me on a black couch. "stay here!!' she orders and goes into what i assume is the kitchen. She comes back out with an ice pack in her hand. "Here!" she says and hands me the icepack. "Thanks." i mummble uncomfortable. "Im Grace by the way what's your name?" She asks. "N-Niam." i stutter and stare at my feet. "What's wrong?" she asks. "I just dont really have any friends..." I trail off. "oh im sorry Love, but i can be your friend if you want?" she asks. "O-Okay i guess i stutter. "Hey do you mind if i call some friend's over and they can meet you!?" she asks excited. "Umm sure i guess." i say nervous. "Yay!! I will go call them now!!!!" she screams and runs to find her phone. What have i gotten myself into!?

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