Love Triangle.........Plus Two

Hey guys my name is Niam and I was bored so i thought I could right a bio sorta thing but adding 1D so yeah please read and im not really giving you any hints yet.


5. Niam age 7

Niam's POV~ Im so happy they finally got rid of my stupid cancer. My hair will be back in completly in about three months yay!!! I miss it!!! I also miss Julia i havent seen her in like 3 hours!!!she has been my bestest friend here at the hospital. Actually my only friend. Anyway we are both getting out of the hospital today so i can finaly go home to my room. She is also staying the night!!! Im so happy!!! Julia's POV~ Im so happy Niam finally got rid of her cancer!!! And i am fully recovered from my accident three years ago!!! Tonight im going to her house to have a sleepover!! I have never actually had one before so i dont know what to expect. I cant wait!!! we get her house and run up to her room. She stops at her door and tears up. Julia i havent been in here for three years. She says to me. Dont cry Nia!! I reply and hug her tight. Im just so happy to finally be home. She whispers and opens the door. It has light blue walls and light green and purple dots. There is a princess castle bed in the middle, barbies, my little ponys, and stuffed animals in bins and on shelves. She even has a huge tv in her room!!! I Love it!! We jump on her bed for like 2 billion hours and then put on Cinderella!! Our favorite movie!! Her mum brings us Ice Lollys, Crisps, and Apple Juice!!! This is AWESOME!!! We falled asleep at midnight. Boy was i tierd!! Niam's POV~ My sleepover was the bomb!!! Its actually my first one!! Anyway Lia (Julia) and i are going to do sleepovers way more often!!! OKAY SO HOPE YOU LIKE IT AND YEAH ALL THIS ACTUALLY HAPPENED AND NOW THAT I SEE IT WRITE I REALISE THAT THIS IS MY LIFE!! ANYWAY IM ON UPDATING SPREE RIGHT NOW SO IM NOT LEAVING YOU HANGING!! CONTEST STILL ON GUYS!!! NIAM OUT!!!! PEACE!!! :)
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