Love Triangle.........Plus Two

Hey guys my name is Niam and I was bored so i thought I could right a bio sorta thing but adding 1D so yeah please read and im not really giving you any hints yet.


9. Niam age 16

Niam's POV~ Its been a year and im still not over the death of my parents. Julia has helped me alot though. We both share a apartment together and she is still my only friend. I love her like a sister and she is all i have left. So anyway tonight we are going to a spring break party and im super excited!! Its going to be my first high-school party!!! I grab my knee high flowy white dress and white flats. I feel like im dressing to fancy and just put on a pair of turqouise capris, a dora shirt, a a awesome monkey hat, and put on some rainbow colored D.C.'s. (so what i dress like a little kid!!) I walk downstairs and sit on the rainbow colored couch. (Im sitting on that couch as i write this lol!!) I turn on the tv and start to watch tv when i see a interveiw of One Dierection on. OMGEE!!! JULIA COME QUICK!!!! i call to Julia. What? She asks annoyed and walks in. ONE DIRECTION!!! I scream. OMGEEE!!! SCOOT THE FUCK OVER NOW!!! She screams and jumps onto the couch. We watch as the make there way on stage. (everything from Tv is capitalized) WELCOMING ONE DIERCTION!!! The Interviewer anonnced. IM HARRY!! Harry says cheeckly. IM LIAM!! Liam says. IM NIALL!! Niall says and flashes a smile. IM ZAYN!! Zayn says shyly. AND IM JENNIFER!!! Louis screams. Awwie he is tots adorable Lia!!! I shriek. Shut the Fuck up up gurl i cant hear my Irish prince!!! She yells at me. Sorry My God!! I giggle. Oh shit we gotta go Nia!!! She screams realising the time. Okay lets go!!!! I shout and run out the front door. Julia's POV~ Im so excited Niam and I are going to our first high-school party!!! I put on a grey transformers Tee shirt, ripped jean capris, a Panda bear hat, and my grey converses. I still dress sorta like a kid but definatly not as much as Niam!! Niam calls for me and i get really annoyed cause im doing my nails. When i go downstairs we start to watch one if 1D's interviews. Man Niall's accent is so damn sexy!!! I look at the time Oh shit we gotta go Nia!!! I yell. She looks a bit dissapointed but gets up and runs out the door screaming Okay lets go!!! She is such a kid.
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