Love Triangle.........Plus Two

Hey guys my name is Niam and I was bored so i thought I could right a bio sorta thing but adding 1D so yeah please read and im not really giving you any hints yet.


12. Niam age 16 con.

Niam's POV~ I wake up in a white room: hospital. Damn im in here way too much!!! Omg!! What the fuck happened!? Where's Julia!? A nurse comes into the room. "Excuse me umm but is there a Julia Tamerson here some where?" i ask confused. "Oh your awake, well i will go ask for you, but first i need to check your vitals." The nurse says and the comes over and plays with the machinces im hooked up too. "Everything looks good now i will go find out about your friend for you." She says and walks out. I wonder what happened last night. The nurse comes back and she has a sad look on her face. "Miss your friend Ms.Tamerson died two and a half hours ago due to fatal head trama cased by a car accident at approximentaly 2:30 am this morning im sorry." She says grimly. "w-What!?" I stutter. "Im sorry Miss." She replys and leaves the room. I'm officaly alone........





Authors note: I cant stop crying im done with updates tonight sorry i just this is too much for me!!!!! I miss Julia!!!!!!

R.I.P. Julia Tilly Tamerson, I will love you forever, Best friend, and Sister, I will never forget you.

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