Love Triangle.........Plus Two

Hey guys my name is Niam and I was bored so i thought I could right a bio sorta thing but adding 1D so yeah please read and im not really giving you any hints yet.


6. Niam age 15

Niam's POV~ Lia and i have been at the mall all day!! Boy am i tierd!! We go out to the parking lots with 12 bags each and get into my parents car. Hey girls how was shopping? My dad asks. Grrrrreat!!! Me and Lia say at the same time and we start to giggle like crazy. Im glad you had fun!! my mum said. That was the last thing they both said to me before we crashed into another car. I started seeing dizzy and all i could hear was my heart beat. Julia's POV~ OMG!!! We just crashed in to another car and i have glass in my arm owwwie!! It hurts alot!! I see the both of Nia's parents passed out and so did she!! OMG!! I call 911 and try to stay awake. (911=9 Julia=J) 9= Hello please state your emergency. J=Help please i just got in a car accident and my friend/her parents are unconsious!!! 9=Dont worry we will be right th-. My battry dies. I drop my phone and freakout. Soon i hear an ambulance but i pass out before they get to me. Julia, Niam, Mum, and Dad's POV~ ....DARKNESS....
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