Love Triangle.........Plus Two

Hey guys my name is Niam and I was bored so i thought I could right a bio sorta thing but adding 1D so yeah please read and im not really giving you any hints yet.


15. New Friends?

Grace's POV~ Niam seems like a nice girl i wonder why she dosent have any friends? I will have to ask her later but first i got to call up the girls!!! I pick up my phone and call Liliy first. {Liliy=L Grace=G} L= Hey Gracie!!! G= Hey Lil!!! L= What's up!? G= I met a new friend and i want you and the girls to come meet her!!!! L= Your replacing us gracie!? G= OMG how could you think that!? Of course i wouldnt replace you i just brung this girl to my house after i bumped into her on the side walk gosh!!! L= Oh well than me and the girls will be right over!!! G= Good, bye!!! L= Bye!!!! I hang up the phone and go back over to Niam. "Hey Gurl!!! so my best friends are coming over and were gonna watch a movie!! wanna help me pick!?" i ask excited. "Umm okay i guess." she says shyly. "Grrrrrrreat!!!" I reply. she starts to tear up. "What's wrong?" i ask couriously. "N-Nothing." She stutters and runs to my bathroom.

Niam's POV~ "Grrrrrrrrreat!!!" Grace says. Just like me and Julia used to say all the time. Oh no here comes the waterworks. I start to tear up. "What's wrong?'" she asks. "N-Nothing." I stutter and run into her bathroom. I lock the door and start bawling. I can't do this. I cant risk losing another friend. "Niam?" Grace asks through the door. "yeah?' i stutter through my tears. "Can you please tell me what's wrong?" She asks confused. I open the door run into her arms and cry. I tell her everything. For the first time I have told somebody about my past. I feel different some how. "Omg im so sorry Niam i really am but im here for you okay?"  She says and rubs my back. "Thanks Grace." I say with a slight smile. The doorbell rings and Grace drags me to the front door. "There here!!!!" She screams and opens the door. "Grace!!!" A tallish girl with long dirty blonde hair and bright green eyes screams. "Liliy!!" grace screams back. Im assuming that was her name. "Who's this?" a medium height girl with shoulder length blonde hair and blue eyes asks. "Your really pretty!" another girl with light brown hair and brown eyes says. "This is Niam guys!" Grace says gesturing to me. "Niam this is Liliy, Lyssa and Taylor!!" she says pointing them out to me. "Hi." i say shyly and look at my feet. "Dont be shy gurl!!!" Liliy says and pulls us all over to the couch. "Lets play turth or dare!!!!" Lyssa suggests. "YEAH!!" everyone screams but me. The stare at me. "Umm sure." i reply uncomfortable. Here goes nothing, im trying to make new friends for you Julia.

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