You're Worth It

Milou Wilson left New York heartbroken and promise herself that she will never fall in love again, but what if a world famous star come in and breake her promise. How will Milou handle it, will she let herself fall in love or will she push everything away like she's used to. Will the world famous star be able to break down the wall Milou have been buildning up along with her promise and how will she handle the other lads


2. Chapter 2

Hey Guys!

Love Camilla <3


It was modern but still classy, I stood with my mouth wide open and I was just amazed by the apartment. “Come on, I follow you to your room, it’s just down the hall to the left.” I didn’t say a thing, I just followed the boys as hey led me to my room, as the door to my new room flew open I was surprised. I think it was a guestroom before, in the room stood a single bed, a drawer and a small closet, it seemed cozy, just how I like it. I walked in and sat on the bed, it feels like heaven I think I’m floating on a sky. My eyelids began to drop as I heard a low chuckle “you look tired, I’m just gonna leave your suitcases here now get some sleep and I’ll see you when you wake up again.” I drop down on the bed with my head on the pillow, I didn’t remember anything before I woke in shock. O shit where am I, I’ve been kidnapped and now I’m locked in a room, I never gonna see the sun light again! I began to scream, I heard some footsteps coming fast to my door. I flew open and a blond haired boy stood in the door, now I remember this was my new temporary home. “I heard scream, what happen? Did you hurt you? Are you okay? Shall I call a doctor?” the blond boy said in a hurry while he tried to catch his breath. “I’m okay, I was just surprised I had totally forgotten I was staying at your place and I thought I was being kidnapped when I first woke up” he let out a little chuckle “Hey! What funny, I actually thought I was being kidnapped, I was really scared…” before I knew anything I was in his embrace, he smells so good, a bit like vanilla and then an amazing perfume. “I’m not going to hurt you I promise, but tell me… where are you from cause you don’t sound British?” he said with a questioning tone. “I moved here from new York, but im originally from Scandinavia.” I said with a short laugh as followed. “Oh” was the only thing he said. “But your English is pretty good, in comparison to you’re not from an English talking country.” “I get that a lot, I don’t think my English is the best, but it isn’t the worst either, I’ve been studying in New York for a year, I got a lot of practice there.” I said with a little hint of sad in my voice. “But why did you move to London?” I really didn’t want to answer that question, every time I thought of New York the image of my ex-boyfriend making out with that slut in the toilets.


I was walking down towards the toilet as I heard some weird noises from in there. As I walked I saw my boyfriend making out with the schools slut, the girl that slept with every way possible, urgh I hate her, and the way she dress, I don’t think it possible to wear shorter skirts and more low cut tops. The two of them were making out on the sink, my vision went blurry as I ran through the door, through the halls to the exit door as I made it out the wind caught my tears and blew them around my eyes, the tears kept coming, I ran and ran till I couldn’t feel my legs anymore I tried to catch my breath as the tears kept floating down my cheeks. He was my first love, how could he cheat on me, wasn’t I good enough, wasn’t I pretty enough, I wasn’t skinny enough was I? from that day I did everything I could to not gain weight, no I didn’t get a eating disorder, I just did eat any candy and I only eat very small portion and it was mostly based on salad, I didn’t drink because I’ve read somewhere that alcohol makes you fat.”

End of Flashback

I could feel the tears coming up in my eyes again, and I think the blond boy noticed it. “Are you okay?” he said with a low voice “Yeah I’m fine” I said as I dried my eyes with my sleeve. “Come with me, we are going to make some breakfast, you look hungry” He said with a smirk on his face. “I’m not hungry, I will just have a glass of water” He stopped brat up, making me dumb in to him. “You are going to eat breakfast, I can almost see your bones, and you need to eat.” “I’m not skinny!” I said as I crossed my arms over my breast. How could he lie to me already, say I’m skinny, what a lie come on I’m not that stupid either. He took my wrist and pulled me towards the kitchen and placed me on the counter. “Listen to me…” I refused to look at him, he had just been lying straight to my face, how could he… I was pissed, but I’m not good at being mad for too long, before I forgive people, I have always been that way, everybody I knew back home always said I was so forgiving and care free person. The truth was that I was before the douche of an ex-boyfriend broke my heart into a million pieces. “Listen to me now” he said in a bit more rough tone as he took my chin and turned towards his face “Why are you mad?” he said with a nervous voice. “You lied to me straight up in my face!” “Wait what did I lie about, and why would I lie to you?” he seemed a bit mad now. “You said I looked skinny, I’m not even close to be skinny I wish I was but that will never a possibility, so don’t lie to me, lies were one of the reasons I moved okay?!” he looked a little taken back “I didn’t lie to you! You look skinny, I would lie to you and why would you think that you aren’t skinny?” “It doesn’t matter, just don’t lie to me okay?” his thumb reached my cheek as he dried some tears away from my cheek I haven’t even noticed was falling. He slipped off the counter and guided me to the couch, he laid his arm around my waist and pulled me closer to him, I put my head in his shoulders and the tears started to flow again. He whispered calm words while he rubbed me back. “I can’t let it go, why would you think you aren’t skinny?” he almost whispered to me “Skinny people are pretty and I’m not skinny or pretty, guys fall for the skinny girls,  the pretty girls, a girl like me just get left behind because don’t like girls there aren’t like the models in the magazines” I said in between my sobs. “Who is the idiot who had told you aren’t pretty, I think you’re stunning, who wants girls from the magazines it is all a show, nothing in the magazines are real, so don’t compare to them, natural beauty is the pretties.” I looked up and caught his blue eyes, he leant forward and kissed my forehead. I blushed, why is he being so sweet to me, I barely know him and he is so sweet and kind to me, it’s too good to be true, no boys ever took a look at me and here I am in the totally cute guy arms crying, man yourself up Milou Wilson.

  *Niall’s POV*

Why a girl like her would think that she’s fat and ugly, I really want to know what made her think that way. She was asleep on my lap, she was so beautiful, she wasn’t like any other girl there’s something about her, I want to know she thinks that way, she seems so fragile I feel like I need to protect her. I never felt this way before, it was a weird feeling. She was deep asleep so I decided to check twitter

@NiallOfficial: Every girl out there who thinks they are fat and ugly, don’t ever think that about yourself you’re perfect just the way you are! Believe in yourself and be confident with who you are. Love.

I locked my phone and slid it down to my pocket again. I carefully took a pillow and placed it under the sleeping angels head, wait did I just call her angel? Wow she is really doing something to me. I just hope it takes long time to get her apartment ready, because I want to spend every minute possible with her.


Some hours had past, I sat in the kitchen with my headphones on, humming with the melody

Cause a-a-a-all I need is a beauty and a beat

Who can make my life complete

Its aaal by you when the music makes you move

Baby do it like you do oh-oh-oh

The sleeping beauty had woken up, she looked just as pretty as when she fell asleep, but this time she had dry tears on her cheek and her eyes were drowsy. I took my headphones off and smiled “Did you sleep well?” she looked shocked, but just nodded while she sipped a glass of water. “Are you hungry?” she just shook her head and went to the couch again and turned on the TV, I plopped down beside her, she was watching a show I didn’t knew but it was quite funny. She let out a laugh but quickly covered her mouth with her hands, wow her laughter sounded like a choir of angels, I took her hand but in the moment I took I sparks flew through my body, I don’t know if she did to but we both looked shocked at each other. So this is what they mean when they say that you can feel the sparks in your body when you are in love, but I’m not in love am I?  

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