You're Worth It

Milou Wilson left New York heartbroken and promise herself that she will never fall in love again, but what if a world famous star come in and breake her promise. How will Milou handle it, will she let herself fall in love or will she push everything away like she's used to. Will the world famous star be able to break down the wall Milou have been buildning up along with her promise and how will she handle the other lads


17. Chapter 17

His hands cupping my cheek, our lips moving in harmony. I have seemed to forget everything around worries, all my fears disappears, nothing can ruin this perfect moment.
Harry and I pull way for air, when there is a loud knock on the door. Harry groans, seeming annoyed and open the door only to find a bruised Liam in the door.
“Liam! I thought you and the lads were kicking that guy’s ass and not the other way around!” I could almost imagine the smirk playing on Harry’s lips right now. “We did.” Liam said in a flat tone. “Then why so sad mate?” Harry said in a playful voice. “He is behind bars for now but…” Oh no. But’s are never good. I flew up from the couch to meet the boys in the door. A small smile crept on Liam’s lips as I approached him. “Miles! Thank god you’re okay! But that crazy guy who kidnapped you…” “Ryan.” I said with a voice full of disgust. “Yes, Ryan. He hit one on the boys with a knife he pulled when Harry was saving you.” Oh no. Not Niall! Why did he not just take me right away! I cannot bear the thought of Niall being dead because he tried to save me, and here I am making out with one of his best friends. “Niall is okay, but Zayn is hurt pretty bad and as I seems right now he will make it but it will be a very long time before he is even close to being himself again. He was stabbed in the abandon and, you know, his hips and his walking a very damaged because he fell when he was stabbed. He will need a lot of rehabilitation, medication and mostly support from us. I want you to come with me, visit him, and let him see that he did not fight like a hero for nothing.” Without a word Harry and I nods and locks the door behind us,
 Liam is driving to us. Harry is quite and I feel nauseous because of what I have done especially against Niall. I would never I my wildest dream do anything to hurt him and that is why Harry and I needs to keep a distance. However, right now I just want to see Zayn and make sure that he is okay, or at make sure he is alive. 

The halls of this hospital seems to familiar, I almost feel cold sweat running down my spine when I think about it.
I rush to the reception. “Zayn Malik?” She looks at her computer. “Go down the hall, turn right and then it is the second door on your left side.” I run down the hall, Liam and Harry closely behind. I do not care about knocking on the door when I reach his, I run in side and my body goes in shock when I see Zayn lying there. A machine beeping, making sure he is alive, Zayn is beaten up, both his eyes is blue and he has a burst lip and a cut on the side of his cheek, and see small stains from previous nose blood on his hospital gown. My heart breaks at the sight in front of me; I cannot believe this is my entire fault.  Ryan is not finished with me yet, I can feel it and it is not a nice feeling.

I walk over to the side of the bed and softly takes hand in mind. Right now, he is either sleeping or unconscious. I softly whisper to the boys. “Can I have a moment and look at all of the boys except Niall, I cannot get myself to look at him knowing what I have done.  All the boys nods and closes the door as they leave the room. I sit down in the chair next to the bed and looks at him. Tears swells up in my eyes and my vision gets blurry. “I’m so sorry Zayn. I don’t know if you can hear me or not but I want you to listen anyway. I am so sorry for what happened to you, it was never my intentions to cause so much trouble for all of you. I know I’m not easy to be around and I really want to change that but I don’t know how? I want to run away just to makes this easier for all of you but you are my home and I cannot leave my home again. I promise you, I will fight my owns battles from now on so I won’t hurt you guys any further. I will do whatever it takes to make sure you are all safe. “Tears streaming down my cheeks as I finished the last sentence. I reach down for Zayn’s hand and leaves a soft kiss on it.
I get up and leave the room.

As I walk out of the room all of the boys gets up and walks towards his door. I walk right past them trying to hide my tears but both Niall and Harry sees it and ruses to my sides. I look at Harry first and gives him a disapproving look before turning to Niall to give him the strongest smile I can produce. He grabs my hand and squeezes it, I do not get the same butterflies, like when Harry held it but Niall is my safety net in all this he is the one I rely on. I do not know Harry, as I know Niall and that is one of the reasons I cannot be with him.
“I’m going home with you Cathy.” Niall looks at me giving me a weak smile. I can tell he has been crying too. “No Niall, you stay here and make sure Zayn is okay. Zayn is the most important one right now and I think it would mean a lot if all of his best friends is with him when he wakes up.

He looks like he is about to say something else, but he just let go of my hand, giving me another weak smile before going back to the boys. I turn to look back and Harry catches my eyes, I give him a small smile but he looks disappointed and just focus his eyes on the floor. I feel my stomach turn and I run for the exit. I only reaches the door before my stomach decides to empty itself on the parking lot. I debate whether to walk home or wait for the boys, but I do not want to be an any bigger for them decide to walk, alone, in a dark cold night. 

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