You're Worth It

Milou Wilson left New York heartbroken and promise herself that she will never fall in love again, but what if a world famous star come in and breake her promise. How will Milou handle it, will she let herself fall in love or will she push everything away like she's used to. Will the world famous star be able to break down the wall Milou have been buildning up along with her promise and how will she handle the other lads


14. Chapter 14

Hey! So I just want to say I'm really sorry for the slow updates at the moment, I'm very busy with school so it's hard to find the time. I hope you can bear with me? But I promise whenever I find the time. I hope you like it?

Love Milla.


I was slowly and very quiet packing one of my duffel bags, I didn’t knew how long I would be gone, I just knew that I needed to get away before Niall was hurting. I zipped up my bag and dried away the tears rolling down my cheek. I pushed the bag under my bed and took a quick look at myself in the mirror. Why am I even looking in the mirror? I bet it’s going to crack any minute I am in front of it. Another tear stroke my cheek, an in the same minute there was a knock on the door. I angrily wiped away the tear, and unlocked the door. My eyes were red and puffy from all the crying, so I locked my gaze to the floor. Niall said nothing as he walked in, he walked over and sat on my bed. I sat down next to him. “uhm… Milou?” “yeah?” I said shaking in my voice, I don’t know if it because of the crying or because Niall wasn’t himself. “you forget your phone in the living room and, some unknown called, I didn’t pick it up, but as I took the phone a message popped op on the screen and uhm yeah…” Niall said nervously scratching his neck. He handed me the phone and he was right, unknown number has called and had also written a message. I was so stupid last night to make my phone show messages text on the lock screen. The tear rolled down my cheeks as I read the message. This has to stop now. I heard Niall sob very quiet.

From Unknown:

The times is running out quickly, you know what to do slut! Tonight… do it or else the love that you hold so close will get hurt, and maybe your friends will too. It depends on how quick you are going to react. You wave goodbye to them, you know they will leave you for someone better. Remember you are worthless and no one will ever care for you. It is all just a show. See you soon! Little bitch! Xx

“What does he mean Milou?” Niall I-I I can’t explain” I said shaking and crying like crazy. “Milou what does he mean!” Niall was now almost yelling at me with a slight fear in his voice. “Niall I think it’s best if I don’t tell you, I can’t bear to be the reason you got hurt.” But Milou I-…” I pressed my lips against his and all of the anger, fear and love was all melted in to one kiss. Maybe our last kiss.

Niall had left my room, and I was now sitting holding my pillow very close. I kept most of my secrets in it. I took my notebook and the pen I kept in the pillow sheet out. I found an empty page in it. It was filled with song lyrics. A secret dream of  mine was to be a song writer, but I have never told anybody, I guess I’m afraid of the judgment I will get. I started to scribble down some lyrics.

Your my gravity
when I feel like blowing away
your love is the only reason
for me to stay
If I could choose
You were the one I would never want to lose

As I rode the last word a tear hit the paper. ‘lose’ that was a word I have never been good to handle. I have lost so much in my life, but most of all I have lost myself. To be honest I don’t know who I am anymore. Everything seems like a nightmare, there will never end. I dried away the tears, ripped out a page from my notebook to write a letter to Niall.

Dear Niall.
I won’t to let you that I left my heart for you to take care of, but be careful because I don’t know how much more it can handle. You are an amazing boy, that I will never forget but I think it’s best if you just forget me. I want you to find a girl you will be proud to show off. Not someone covered in scars on the inner an also on the outer. I want you to live happy, not care about me anymore. I will disappear from your life and you need to live it like I was never there. Niall I will never forget you and tell the boys that too. You are all wonderful boys that deserve the best in life and that doesn’t include me. So I think this is a good bye. I can’t exactly tell you why I’m leaving, but I can tell that I’m running away from something that in the can hurt you and the boys if I don’t go now, and I think that I’m fallen hard for you Niall James Horan. I have never loved someone like I love you before and that scares me. I will forever miss you and the boys and you will always have a special place in my heart that no one will ever could replace. So this is a good bye, I will miss you.
I Love You
-Milou xx

It was beginning to get dark and Niall was sleeping heavy on the couch. I placed the letter on the pillow got my bag, walked to living room kissing Niall softly on the cheek and walking out of the front door. I refused myself to look back, because I knew if I did that I would never could live with myself. As I walked out of the apartment complex my thoughts were everywhere. What would Niall do when he finds the letter? Will the boys miss me? Where was I going to sleep? What would happen to me?

As I walked down the street and car drove by and slowed down to drive beside me. The window rolled down, and I was met with a face that was the center of my nightmares. Ryan. 

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