You're Worth It

Milou Wilson left New York heartbroken and promise herself that she will never fall in love again, but what if a world famous star come in and breake her promise. How will Milou handle it, will she let herself fall in love or will she push everything away like she's used to. Will the world famous star be able to break down the wall Milou have been buildning up along with her promise and how will she handle the other lads


11. Chapter 12

Hey Guys! just found the time to update, so i decided to do that;D hope you like it? let me know what you think:) I love to get response, and sorry for a shorter chapter today, I didn't have so much time though:)

Love Milla <3

I think I might have passed out on the bed last night, because the last thing I remember is getting a flashback from when my father left my mom, brother and I. I woke up under the duvet, but I still had my clothes on. I walked in to the living room and was met by 5 very hot boys but one stood out, the blond hair in the middle of the couch and the blue eyes which caught mine as I walked in. “hello there Beautiful” I looked around confused “it’s you I’m talking to silly” he walked over to me and leaned in, I took a step backwards and nodded in the direction of the couch where the other boys were sitting. He pulled me in and whispered in my ear “that’s why I called them over, and can’t wait to could kiss you anytime without having to worry” he slowly kissed my cheek and took my hand, pulling me over to couch, so we now were in front of it. “Guys!” Niall shouted and they all move their look from the TV to us. “Milou and I have something to say” I looked at Liam who already knew and he just gave me a supporting nod. I squeezed Niall’s hand as a sign to continue. “What it is!” Louis shouted impatient. He looked at Niall then at me and then back to Niall. “Milou and I are uh-oh-“ he grabbed his neck, I could tell he was nervous how the boys were going to react on this. I kissed his cheek and looked down at the floor right away. “you two are dating?!” Louis jumped up from the couch and embraced us in a big hug. “I’m so happy for you two, and Niall you take care of her or I promise you that you’re going to run pretty fast to not get beaten up if you hurt her, got it?”  I barely knew Louis but he was already taking care of me like a big brother, the big brother I never had. Zany who was the quite on under the dinner where I first met them, walked over to us, and got a part of the group hug and the same did Liam. They were both congratulating and wishing us all the best. It was like there was missing something, I looked over at the couch and saw Harry sitting there with an empty look on his face. I pulled out of the hug and walked over to Harry and sat down next to him. “what’s up Harry?” “nothing, much congratulation with you to, I hope you will be happy” he didn’t look at me once while he was talking to me, he got up from the couch and walked to the front door. We all stood there looking at him as he walked through the door “What’s with him?” Niall asked looking at the boys. “oh nothing I think, maybe he’s just in a bad mood today or something?” Liam said rubbing his neck. “But Harry is nev-“ Niall got interrupted by Louis who was asking if we shouldn’t go celebrate it tonight. I didn’t get a word to say before they all agreed on it, my mind was on Harry, why was he so upset and why was Liam so fast to responding on the question about Harry’s mood. I shook it off and went to the bathroom to get a long warm shower.

After I was done with my shower I looked at the clock. Oh shit! I only have an hour before we had to leave for the dinner, I quickly grabbed the hair dryer and began to dry hair. When it was dry, I straighten my hair and made a little braid in each side of my head. My make-up wasn’t much, a bit of foundation and powder, then I just draw me eyebrows more visible and at last a bit mascara. I was wearing the only dress I have, it was a black dress which was loose at the top with floral print and the bottom was black and tight. I wore some converse with the dress since I didn’t own any heels. I gave myself a last look in the mirror before walking to the living room, in the living was sitting a very handsome blond haired boy, he sat on the couch with his face on the TV. I walked over and stood beside the couch until he noticed me. He got up and took a look at me, and the same did I with him. He was wearing black jeans and a blue shirt, which made his eyes stand out. He didn’t do much with his hair, but it was perfect no matter what he did with it. He stuck his arm out “shall we?” I hooked my arm in his and we walked through the front door.

We walked in to the restaurant, it was very quiet. Only a few older couples were sitting there. I looked around and saw the boys waving at us, I pulled Niall over to the table and we sat down. I said hello to all the boys but one was missing. Harry. “eh boys?” “yes?” they all said in choir. “why aren’t Harry here?” I was a bit sad, Harry was a sweet guy, and he was also one of the boys I met first so I really wished he was here. “He’s not feeling very well tonight, I should say from him” Liam said. “oh that’s sad, hope he gets well soon” Niall said looking through the menu. What was with Harry? I was curious, I wanted to know what is going on in his head.

As the food arrived to our table all the boys dug in. I didn’t take long before they were all finished. We sat down and talk for a bit before we decided to head home, we all walked to our cars and drove home. All the way home I kept thinking why Harry acted the way he did in the apartment and why he didn’t show up at the restaurant, he had been avoiding me since Niall and I made it official, is he jealous, no that couldn’t it be, what did he had to be jealous of?

Niall unlocked the door and we walked in, I walked to the kitchen to get a glass of water, as I bent down to the fridge to grab a bottle of water I felt a hand on my waist, I froze for a second and the turned around. As I turned around Niall’s lips crashed onto mines, it quickly developed to a passionate kiss, our lips moved in sync, he bit my lower lip for entrance, but I denied. He got a little pissed as he asked for entrance again and this time I let him. we pulled apart in need for air “I have been waiting for this since I asked you to be mine” Niall said still trying to catch his breath. “ so did I” I said and kissed his cheek before moving to the living room. I sat down and turned on a movie, Niall quickly dumped down next to me and I cuddle in to him. This is perfect. 

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