Sacred Girl

A girl blames herself for her parents death
She finds out shes not normal shes from a
completely differant world...
She is the Sacred Girl


1. Introduction

"I am damned to this world I hate so much. I am a ghost. When I was human I was abused by my dad, I had no freinds and I am the reason my mum is dead. The only reason i'm attatched to this world is because I fell in love." Said Kasumi as she smiled at the highschool boy. " I've had an alright life but it got better when I fell in love with you Kasumi." Smiled the boy. The ghost started crying out of happiness" Kagome closed and put down the book on the table. She started patting Natsume on the head. "Natsume you sure do like wierd books!" laughed Kagome. Natsume pushed Kagome's hand off her head."Kagome you know that I like books with other worldly themes." Smiled Natsume. The door of the classroom opened and the teacher came in the room. "Sorry I'm late class there has been an insident in a another class but it's all been sorted. So okay lets start class." Explained the teacher. When Natsume finished her work she started to daydream about the past.

 Natsume was adopted she doesn't know who her real parents are, she was found on her parents doorstep. She was found with on purple eye and one gray eye, after living with the parents who took her in for one year her gray eye turned purple. For her seventh birthday she wanted to go to the beach. On the way back Natsume and her parents got into an accident. Her parents died and Natsume lost the eye that was once gray.

Class finished. It was the end of school. Natsume went to her dormroom. Natsume shared a room with her best friend Kagome. Natsume and Kagome are total oposites Kagome is the pretty, active popular girl. Natsume is the cool loner type. Kagome used to hate Natsume just because she was differant. One night Kagome saw Natsume in the cherry blossum tree, crying. Kagome climbed the tree. "why are you crying?" asked Kagome. Natsume turned her head to face Kagome. " I'm the reason my parents are dead." Natsume explained her whole past to Kagome. Kagome had tears down her face. "why are you crying?" asked Natsume. Kagome tryed to wipe away her tears. " I'm like you. My mum was weak hearted, after having me she was having serious heart problems. When I was 5 my mum passed away due to heart problems, because of me. So my dad started to hate me. Every time I did somthing wrong he would beat me and say I'm the reason mum is dead. He became a alcoholic, the company he owned became bankruped he lost everything. So I decided to go to a social worker to get me adopted. I got adopted into a rich family they treat me like I was their real daughter I was happy but every year I visit my mothers  grave." cried Kagome. Natsume grabed Kagome's shoulder and pulled her to her. Natsume hugged Kagome as if she was her own child. Was it out of pity? No. Natsume truly knew how she felt to be blamed for a persons death. " Don't worry it's alright we are the same." Natsume stopped hugging Kagome, she wiped away her tears and gave Kagome a soft smile. The next day everone realised somthing happened because Kagome and Natsume were hanging out with each other. From that day they became really close friends.

Natsume looked In the mirror and she started to brush her hair. "oh yeah tommorow is saterday I think I might go shopping I'll ask Kagome if she would like to come with me." Thought Natsume. After Natsume brushed her hair she put some clothes on and did her homework. It was easy since Natsume is at the top of her year. Then kagome came in the room "Hi you okay?" said Kagome putting her bag on the floor. "Yeah. I was thinking what about if we go to town tommorow?" Natsume said while she picked up her manga book. "Sure sounds like a plan." smiled Kagome. "Oh by the way Natsume your on cooking duty today and we are out of food." Natsume got her boots on and headed to the door. "I guess I'll go get some food." said Natsume. Natsume walked out of the the door and walked out of the school gate. She showed her student pass to the school warden. She walked to the market thats on every Friday afternoon. She got fresh fruit, veg, meat, eggs and milk. Then she walked past a sweets stand. "These sweets look so delicious. Might aswell treat myself." thought Natsume she got a handfull of hard sweets and paid she put 1 in her mouth. "Huh this doesn't taste sweet at all." thought Natsume. Then suddenly people flew down from the sky almost hitting into her. "ahhh!" she accidently swollowed the hard sweet and she ran out of the way. The people came strait at her for some reason then two figures appeared in front of her. It was 2 boys one with brown hair the other with bluey black hair. "Don't worry we will protect you." said the boy with bluey black hair. Then Natsume felt a sudden pain in her right eye, she ran to the public toilet to check on her eye, she took off her eye patch. It was healed and it was gray. "Whats happening to me!" screamed Natsume still in shock after seeing her eye. Natsume went back to the market place to see if those 2 boys were okay. "....Huh they're gone! I better head home." Natsume ran home as fast as she could. She just made it back home in time the security guard was just about to lock the gates. She ran to her room and Kagome was lying on her bed asleep muttering I'm hungry Natsume make me some food. Natsume put the food in the fridge, got changed into her pj's and got into bed.

Let your power awaken Natsume. Natsume woke up in shock to find herself floating above her bed. "What the heck is happening to me!" screamed Natsume

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