Bridge High Girls: Laughing Inside

Sophie used to have it all- a happy life, fine parents, and everything else. But when a home drama strikes, everything goes downhill. Her friends are still there for her, but will it always be that way? Find out in the first Bridge High Girls novel!


4. What Friends (Not Mums) Are For

"I'm really sorry, Sophie," Sadie said the next day, putting her arm around her friend. " Sophie took a breath.

"Don't be!" she said, trying to sound happy. "I'm fine. It's life, right? You know what they say- life goes on," Her friends looked stunned. 

"Is this the same girl who looked like she was in Les Miserables a minute ago?" Holly joked. Sophie forced a polite smile. 

"Go on then," Megan piped in, "Tell us a joke before French class," For the first time in her life, Sophie didn't feel like it. She stood like a statue until the bell rang. "Or not, then, Soph!" The friends went to their different classes, carrying their bags. But Sophie REALLY didn't feel like French. She always just got mixed up and Madame Frances always yelled at her and made her stand up and recite everything. So she picked up her rucksack, darted to the toilets and locked herself in a cubicle. She plonked down the toilet seat and sat on top. For the whole half hour, Sophie kept checking her phone, to see if her Dad had called, texted or emailed, but he hadn't, which set off the waterworks again. She felt so weird- crying was SO not her thing. She grabbed some loo roll and mopped her cheeks, just as a hand hammered on the door. 

"Soph? Soph!"

"Sophie, are you okay?"

"Please come out, BFF!" It was her friends, seeing if she was okay. Sophie got a fuzzy feeling and slid across the lock, the door flinging open. Megan, Sadie and Holly stood in view, and they threw their arms around her. 

"Thanks for checking up on me, guys!" Sophie smiled. 

"Hey," Megan said, "That' what friends are for!" 


When Sophie got home that evening, she noticed that her Mum was decorating the house. IT WAS AWFUL. The red walls that had been painted that colour for ten years, since Sophie was five, was now a deep, deep purple. The cosy black sofa was littered with gold cushions made from itchy fabrics. There was wooden fruit instead of real, juicy goodness on the kitchen table.The photo of Sophie and her parents, which usually hung above the fireplace- had been taken down and replaced with a swirly silver mirror. Sophie's heart sank as her Mum walked over.

"Hey, babe!" she said. "How are you?" Sophie bit her lip.

"Absoloutley blooming FANTASTIC,"  she snapped. She just couldn't help it- she was really annoyed and upset. She flung her bag on the newly decorated sofa and curled up. Her Mum looked stunned, and then got mad.

"I'm trying, you know!" she yelled. "So lose your awful temper. Oh, and if you miss your Dad, fine, stuff you- go and live with HIM!" She walked into the kitchen, leaving Sophie feeling emptier that ever. 

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